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Infrared technology thermometer gun

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  • Here you will find an for measuring temperatures between -60°C and 1800°C, and without contacting the material being measured. Every object with a temperature higher than 0 K emitsinfrared radiation, also referred to as blackbody radiation. Our infrared thermometer makes a temperature measurement possible without contact by way of determining the object's emitted infrared radiation.

    Thanks to a targeting light, it is guaranteed, that the non-contact infrared thermometer measures the temperature of the desired surface area. The infrared thermometer can only measure the temperature of exposed surfaces and not through glass or other reflecting materials.

    The may possess a preset emissivity value, or alternatively allow the user to choose the emissivity value depending on the surface material being measured, whether it's paper, wood, metallic surfaces, etc. If the infrared thermometer is used to measure shiny metallic surfaces, such as stainless steel, the device can only be used to determine tendencies in temperature as it is not possible to measure the absolute temperature of polished or shiny surfaces with a non-contact infrared thermometer.

    The infrared thermometer is the perfect device to measure the temperature of active, rotating, sensitive or current-carrying devices. Another advantage of the infrared thermometer is the possibility to accomplish measurements in a fast and nonexpendable way.

    Within just a few hours, we started seeing smoke. The infrared thermometer showed the temperature inside the box above 300 degree Fahrenheit and just a short time later, fire erupted.

  • Infrared thermometers offers many advantages, such as obtaining measurement results very quickly; from 10 µ to 1 second depending on the device, and whilst also measuring there are also no errors due to a poor thermal contact. In addition to its advantages, there is very little wear or tear, or problems that come with other mobile measurement devices. It is also possible to take measurements in situations where there is high voltage, electromagnetic fields or aggressive materials. Measurements taken with an infrared thermometer do not cause mechanical damage in cases where there are sensitive objects to be measured such as plastic film or paper. Another important advantage is that measurements can be taken continuously over a period of time. (e.g. 350...) 3500 ° C).

    These are infrared thermometers that are mounted onto a specific place. They are normally large and oversee a wide area. Infrared cameras are the best example of such like thermometers.

    Stem Length 4 Inches
    Display Type Digital
    Features With Probe
    Maximum Temperature 626 Degrees F
    Minimum Temperature -67 Degrees F
    Style Handheld
    Type Infrared Thermometers

  • Specs
    Length 3 3/8 Inches
    Width 1 7/8 Inches
    Height 7 1/2 Inches
    Display Type Digital
    Maximum Temperature 750 Degrees F
    Minimum Temperature -49 Degrees F
    Style Handheld
    Type Infrared Thermometers

    Emission levels
    Naturally, infrared thermometers also have disadvantages; one of them is that you must know the level of emission, wavelength and temperature for the material being measured. Not only do you have to know these factors of the material being measured, but also the wavelength and therefore also the temperature of the infrared thermometer being used. One other drawback is that measuring shiny or even somewhat shiny heavy metals with an infrared thermometer can make it more difficult to detect variations in emission levels accurately (e.g., copper: 0.012 (polished, 327 ° C) 0.78 (very rusty, 25 ° C), 0.91 (very rusty, 527 ° C)).

What is an Infrared Thermometer

Ideally you would use infrared thermometers to temp the surface of hot oil, a cast iron skillet, a saute pan, even chocolate and soup. However, whipping out your infrared “laser gun” to temp burgers on the grill may have you explaining to your guests why they’re undercooked.