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  • You must have heard of sodium chloride (table salt) or potassium chloride (a common salt substitute), but what is choline chloride? Sometimes known as lipotril or hepacholine, choline chloride is one of the most obscure ingredients in baby formula. This compound is commonly used as a growth stimulant in chicken feed, and is added to formula because choline is an essential nutrient for humans. It helps in liver function and cell formation. Human breast milk contains a high amount of choline, and choline chloride is a nutrient that is easy to add to the formula. Thus, choline chloride helps baby formula simulate the nutritional content of breast milk.

    First, my son, since he went on strike with me, would only take at most 1 -2 oz of breast milk from a bottle - and I am not exagerrating when I am saying "at most". Basically we were left with having to spoon feed him breast milk. He hated the bottle. Second, we only feed our children organic, so it was very important as my breast milk supplies started to diminish that I pick a formula that he hopefully would drink. I was torn between this brand and the other brands. Basically it came down to one reviewer who stated that this formula actually tasted good. I was afraid that he'd reject it, but to my surprise, on the first try he downed 2 oz of breast milk w/ 2 oz of formula. Second try, 4 oz of formula were downed within a minute and the pattern continues. I am relieved. He has finally started drinking from a bottle at 7.5 months. Please understand, I have read all the other comments about chemicals and sugar usage but I need my son to get these nutrients and if it means overlooking a few things, I guess I'll have to. I would rather not have to, I would rather Similac take into account that sugar as a second ingredient in baby formula raises concern.

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