Review of the Ionic Tower Air Purifier

Geeks On Home: How to Clean an Ionic Breeze Tower Air Purifier

Ionmax Ion401 Ionic Tower Air Purifier

O-Ion B-1000 Permanent Filter Ionic Air Purifier Pro Ionizer with UV-C Sanitizer, New

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  • NOTE: Remember Sharper Image??? Sharper Image put most of their money into advertising their Ionic Breeze Tower Air Purifiers via infomercials and commercials. Their huge amount of repetitive advertising made amazing promises that the Ionic breeze air purifier was the best air purifier on the market and would do a tremendous job of cleaning the air in your home to control dust and allergies. Well folks the Ionic Breeze air purifier did not clean the air and operate as advertised by Sharper Image and tens of thousands of people were unhappy with their Ionic Breeze tower air purifiers and many became sick from the uncontrollable amounts of Ozone they produced from its the ultraviolet (UV) light system. This blatant fraud brought in a huge amount of class action law suites against Shaper Image and it caused the company to go bankrupt! Thousands and thousands of people were left with no recourse to collect their money back from Sharper Image after they went bankrupt and they were totally stuck with their Ionic Breeze air purifiers that did not operate as advertised and when they broke down they could not get them repaired. Our company still receives phone calls almost every day from unhappy Ionic Breeze owners asking us where they can get these units repaired after they brake down. No one wants to have the liability to repair Ionic Breeze air purifiers after the law suites so we recommend that Ionic Breeze owners bite the bullet and replace them with more quality air cleaners or air purifiers that really do operate as advertised.

    When and How to Clean the Ionic Tower Air Purifier
    When to Clean:

    Clean the collection blade every one or two weeks. Depending on your home air quality, the unit may need cleaning sooner than this.

    Cleaning the Collection Blade:
    Unplug the unit before cleaning. Remove the collection blade by pulling it from the top of the unit and wipe off the dust from each of the three collection bars with soft cloth. Invert the entire unit for two or three times before re-inserting the collection blade to the unit.

    Thorough Cleaning:
    If the air purifier makes noise during operation, a thorough cleaning of the unit is necessary. Wash the collection blade with warm soapy water, rinse and allow it to dry for 24 hours before re-inserting to the unit. Bring the unit outside. Use a compressed gas dusting the air purifier to remove any accumulated particles from the ionising wires and to blow out any dust that is settled in the base of the unit.

  • How to Clean an Ionic Breeze Tower Air Purifier. The Sharper Image manufactures the Ionic Breeze, an air purifier for home use. Air purifiers are used by respiratory patients to clean the air, allowing them to breath easier. The Ionic Breeze creates an electric charge in air molecules, which makes them stick to the collection plates in the device. Over time, the collection plates and the vented grill becomes dirty and needs to be cleaned. To ensure your Ionic Breeze works at an optimal level, clean the collection plate and the grill every two weeks.

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