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I heard that Scosche was developing a new charger specifically for the iPad and here it is. My iPad charger is on the way.

Aibocn Apple MFi Certified 30 Pin Sync and Charge Dock Cable for iPhone 4 4S / iPad 1 2 3 / iPod Nano / iPod Touch - White

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  • The existing iPhone handsets come with a 1A/5W charger, but for those who want to see them charging faster, a 2.1A/12W iPad adapter is the go-to solution. If The Malignant’s tip holds true, the iPhone 7 could sport an even higher charging speed than the one found in the iPad charging adapter.

    We have been getting a lot of emails on this so here is the answer on why your lightning cable may not be working with your iPad 3/4. The standard usb power adapter that comes with your iPhone, iPod and iPad Mini will not work with the charger cable on your iPad 3rd and iPad 4th Generation. The adapter that came with your iPhone, iPod and iPad Mini is a 5W adapter and the iPad 3rd/4th Gen requires the original 10W adapter that came with it. If you use the 5w adapter with the charger or lightning cable it will not charge the iPad and will not show the charging symbol. Make sure you are using the correct iPad wall charger with the charger cable for the iPad 3/4 generation to resolve this issue.

  • I admit, I am too lazy to charge my iPad every day. Dealing with wires and adapters … who has time for that. This Inductive Wireless iPad Charger makes charging your tablet easier. It has a base with a flat magnetic node that charges your table when inside the provided sleeve. The charger does not take a whole lot of space either. No cables needed. It does cost a lot though …

    Leaked charging boards for the iPhone 7 seem to imply that much. According to The Malignant, who broke the rumor, the next iPhone will support chargers that output 5 V at 2 amps, the usual fast charging rate. Usually that also means a faster charger accessory as well. In the past, some iPhone owners worked around the charging speed limitations by using an iPad charger, which may now be superfluous.

    Get reliable performance with these from Griffin, Kensington, Belkin, and other leading manufacturers of iPad Accessories. Now you can replace or upgrade from the stock at discounted prices. Whether you are looking for a ,car charger, wall charger, or power adapter, our catalog has you covered. View different options and compare prices below to help you choose the right iPad chargers.

  • SourceVoltageCurrentPower
    PC USB5 volts0.5 amps2.5 Watts
    iPhone Charger5 volts1.0 amps5 Watts
    iPad Charger5.1 volts2.1 amps12 watts

    Apple's iPhone models currently ship with a 1A/5W charger, but are with a 2.1A/12W iPad adapter. With the rumored fast charging feature, charging speeds would presumably be even faster than using an iPad charging adapter with a current model iPhone.

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The iPhone 6 Plus can be charged fully in approximately 2 hours 30 mins using an iPad charger, whereas it can take more than 3 hours 45 mins using the charger that ships with the iPhone.