Section V-Jump Balls in Center Circle a.

Jumping Balls is an amusing mix of a game: arcade, puzzle and board game lovers all will like it

Intex Fun Ballz - 100 Multi-Colored 3 1/8" Plastic Balls, for Ages 2+

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  • Watching that video above, you see a guy who excels when going up to get the ball. He’s tall, he has long arms, he can jump and he gets the ball at the peak. That makes him very good on jump balls and back-shoulder throws. He has good speed, but it takes him a while to really get going. That sometimes means he can have trouble getting open. His size and leaping ability mean that he can make catches even if he’s not open. The video also shows how when he gets going with open field in front of him, he isn’t going to get caught.

    Since coming over from BYU, Holliday has attempted to mold the receiving unit in the image of what he did with the Cougars: physical, long and tough. The receivers have talked about competing harder for jump balls, which Holliday calls "70-30 balls."

  • Waliki TM, began 15 years ago, when our founder tried out a Hopper Ball for the very first time. An avid toy expert (thanks to his Grandmother, may she live long and well!) he knew that he had found something special. Now, we have the world’s largest selection of jumping balls!

    Unlike fads, bouncing is No matter the age, no one can resist the power of a hippity hop ball. Looking for a way to add a little fun to your party? Jumping balls are perfect for:

  • Fun is never out of style! No matter your age and no matter the occasion, you’ll be able to enjoy hours of bouncing fun when you order any one of our jumping balls. We offer something for everyone! Jumping balls are a perfect addition to any event—getting kids and adults alike in touch with their fun side.

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With a wide array of sizes, all you need to do is figure out which ball is perfect for the bouncer! From small to HUGE sizes, we’ve got all you need to achieve the perfect bounce. Jumping balls are ideal for anyone looking for a fun way to get their daily exercise, spend time with family or friends, or create games for a party or event.