Kair Air Cushioned Bath Visor with Adjustable Strap, Blue

Kair Air Cushioned Bath Visor also has an open-ended design, making it truly one size for all

Kair Air Cushioned Bath Visor, Blue

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  • For this price, the KAIR Air Cushioned Bath Visor / Shower Visor /Shampoo Visor / Shampoo Shield / Baby Shower Cap comes widely recommended and is a regular choice with most people. KAIR LLC have provided some excellent touches and this results in great value.

    With so many available right now, it is wise to have a make you can trust. The KAIR Air Cushioned Bath Visor / Shower Visor /Shampoo Visor / Shampoo Shield / Baby Shower Cap is certainly that and will be a great buy.

  • Kair air cushioned bath visor with adjustable strap is an improved version of the first generation of kair air cushioned bath visor, which is also known as shower visor, shampoo visor, baby shower cap, baby shower hat, shampoo shield and etc. Kair has applied the science principles of fluid statics into the design to push the hair washing care to a new class. Same as its previous version, the air cushioned seal guarantees it is comfortable and leak proof. Kair has added an adjustable strap to allow this new version to fit a wider range of head sizes and also make sure it won't slip off. You can pre-adjust the tightness to a level which is comfortable to the wearer. Kair bath visor is also designed for easy to use in both shower and bath with your hands free. All the external parts of the visor are made of silicone rubber as used in many other baby products, so it is safe, durable. With kair bath visor in your bathroom, you and your babies will be relaxed with a fresh experience of "simple wear. Gentle care. Ultra-comfortable feel and leak-proof are guaranteed by the air cushion design. Adjustable strap makes it truly one for all and comfortably stay on. Great for washing little babies' hair in bath. Great for older kids to learn (or adults) to wash their own hair in the shower. All external parts are made of soft silicone rubber to ensure it is safe, durable and comfortable for babies.

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