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  • This section is an attempt to summarize and describe, in the simplest way possible, the most relevant specifications you need to understand when buying a karaoke microphone. At the end of the day, it’s only by using a microphone that you will get the real feel of its quality and therefore can figure if it may work for you or not. That said, if you have an adequate understanding of the specifications when purchasing such device, you can minimize the chance of unexpected surprises.

    I have noticed many times people make big mistakes when buying a karaoke microphone. The most common mistake is that they end up buying an expensive device that offers much more than needed and it’s basically an over-kill. The main reason for this, as you can guess, is being confused about specifications and features given that most people have no time and patience for a thorough research.

  • A microphone with an omnidirectional pattern picks up sound from all directions. This pattern actually looks like a circle with the microphone being in the center. A circle, by definition, does not show any preference for any direction, if you know what I mean. As you may have already guessed, this is not particularly a good pick up pattern for a karaoke microphone. Stay with me and I will explain the reason for this in a second.

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  • We carry all types of microphones for every kind of application, including standard wired microphones to multi-channel hand-held, head-set and wireless system. We also carry microphones for karaoke, some with songs built-in to them (commonly referred to as "magic microphones").
    Wired Microphones
    Wireless Microphones
    Karaoke Microphones
    Mic Cables XLR

    Microphones’ various features and specifications may sound complicated and intimidating at first when we are not familiar with the terminologies. However, the guidelines for buying a decent karaoke microphone are straightforward and easy to remember. You really don’t need to understand fully the details. In below, I have recapped a summary of what we learned. It covers most important point you need to know and remember. Use this as your cheat sheet when shopping for a Karaoke microphone:

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