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DII Home Essentials 100% Polyester, Machine Washable, Shabby Chic, Vintage Tablecloth or Overlay 63" Round, Vintage Lace Cream

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  • These fine Lace Tablecloths are made in the U.S.A. and are of a very noticeable superior quality in Polyester. We also have an imported collection of Cotton Lace Tablecloths from Scotland. The Heirloom and Victorian Rose patterns have matching Lace Placemats and Lace Curtains. The fabric, which is of the best quality, is 100% Polyester. All are very sturdy and washable. Our Tablecloths are designed to remain in your service for many years. Round, Oval, Square, Oblong and Rectangular Lace Tablecloths from Heritage are among the finest Lace Table Settings available.

    Crocheted lace tablecloths are not difficult to make, but they are time-consuming. The reward for the time spent in hand-crocheting little medallions or working

  • Heritage Gallery of Lace offers a complete line of lace tablecloths, table lace and window treatments. Choose from a variety of sizes, patterns and decorative accents

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    Lace Tablecloths

    Heritage Lace offers a variety of lace tablecloth patterns, which also include window treatments and/or table textiles
    for a coordinated look throughout a room.

    We are sure you will find just the right collection to decorate your home!

    To view and order, please select from the Lace Tablecloth Collections below:

    Canterbury Classic Heirloom Rose Victorian Rose

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    "ROSE" Heritage Lace Tablecloths are a popular choice for a semi-formal Lace Table Setting. This pattern helps make a holiday a special event. They are woven from 100% Polyester and are completely washable.

Vinyl Lace Tablecloth - Vinyl Tablecloth - Miles Kimball

The Sharon Lace Tablecloth will add a touch of class to your kitchen or dining room. This exquisite tablecloth is made of 100% machine washable polyester and