Walmart’s holiday layaway is back—and it’s free

Layaway is back this holiday season

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  • A new sign of the times or a passing fancy? Layaway is back or so Walmart and a few other stores are telling us. I see this as a positive financial change despite feeling sometimes that behavior has not changed after the 2008 financial crisis. This is a sign of the times. Can we adapt?
    Layaway means patience. Layaway means planning. Layaway means not taking possession of something until you actually own the merchandise.
    This type of behavior change is essential to your individual change toward money and toward purchasing. As we learn to manage our money better and purchase only what we can afford, then our reality will change and we will be better for it.

    Remember layaway? That easy buying plan that meant you could reserve your holiday purchases now and pay them off a little at a time? Well, the layaway is back at your local Baby Lock Retailer! Instead of one lump payment, you make several, giving you the opportunity to surprise that special someone (or treat yourself!) to more Baby Lock machine than you ever thought possible. Your local Baby Lock Retailer will help you explore all your options and expand your purchasing power through your own machine layaway plan. Plus, when you buy a Baby Lock machine from a trusted Baby Lock Retailer – whether you purchase a top-of-the-line Destiny sewing and embroidery machine or a value-priced BL9 for just $99 – you receive the same attentive Baby Lock support before and after the sale.

  • Now that layaway is back, we want to be careful about using it. We want to think in terms of cash flow, saving small amounts incrementally and avoiding the accumulation of debt. It is simple as saying to yourself: if I don’t have the cash available then why buy it? I hope this helps with your holiday shopping and purchases you anticipate in 2012. SaveUp wishes you a very joyful holiday season!

    Tis’ the season! Yes, it’s that time of year. Only 3 months until the Christmas season! Christmas is Coming, Layaway is Back! This time of year not only brings excitement, it also puts an enormous amount of stress on families financially. If you have been thinking about how you will be able to afford holiday shopping this year – look no more. Layaway is back and some of our favorite retail stores are offering it early this year! Talk about a great way to get all your shopping done in one trip, without having to shell out the cash.

  • Eggnog, office parties—and layaway? You may not think of buy-now, pay-later shopping programs as a holiday tradition, but Walmart is hoping you will. The retailer's holiday layaway program is back, and this time with a benevolent twist: It's free.

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