Lightbulb in The Arena Of Death


GE 13-Watt Energy SmartTM - 8 Pack - 60 watt replacement

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  • TAG : Lightbulb is a goofy and opimistic character
  • One other thing…what happens if you are your friend’s only source of light but your lightbulb is either burned out or just turned off? Nothing. Your friend would still be in the dark. It’s so important that we have our light on at all times. You never know when your friend will be looking for answers concerning how to connect with Jesus Christ.

    God wants to place your lightbulb in the midst of people who don’t know Jesus so that they can see how to find Jesus. Without your light, many of the people you have relationships with will remain in the dark. Do you realize that you may be the only lightbulb your friend would get close enough to be able to see?

  • 1. Am I one of God’s lightbulbs? You can’t shine a light in the darkness until you have received Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. That’s something you’ll want to settle now if you haven’t already.

    2. Is my light bulb around others who need the light? If all you do is spend time with other lightbulbs (Christians) then those who most desperately need the light will live in the dark. Make it a point to spend time with others who need the light.

    description metric imperial details
    "standard" lightbulb A60 E26 A19 E26 ⌀60 mm (~⌀2.375") A series bulb, ⌀26 mm Edison screw
    candle-flame bulb CA35 E12 CA11 E12 ⌀25 mm (~⌀1.375") candle-flame shape, ⌀12 mm Edison screw
    flood light BR95 E26 BR30 E26 ⌀95 mm (~⌀3.75") flood light, ⌀26 mm Edison screw
    halogen track-light bulb MR50 GU5.3 MR16 GU5.3 ⌀50 mm (~⌀2") multifaceted reflector, 5.33 mm-spaced 12 V bi-pin connector

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    I spent the next twenty minutes looking for a replacement and never found one. We were all out of lightbulbs. So, I went to another room and took a lightbulb from one of the other lamps and used it to replace my burned out one. Finally, I could see what I was looking for in my bedroom.

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“Our friend Maggie once said that someone should make a film about the Lightbulb Lady, and we decided that should be us,” Chain said. “We interviewed many Mississippi Street neighbors, Sunlan customers and employees, and of course spent hours with Kay Newell, ‘The Lightbulb Lady.’"