DIY Lighting Hacks for Digital Photographers

Studio Lighting Essentials for Portrait Photography

Photography Photo Portrait Studio 600W Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit by LimoStudio LMS103

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  • You didn’t really think I’d write a lighting article for DIY Photography and not include a DIY tutorial did you? This clip from shows you how to use relatively inexpensive materials to create your own product photography studio.

    The hour just before sunset and just after sunrise (the "golden hour") is typically regarded as having the most desirable light for photography. This is characterized by horizontal light that casts long shadows and gives subjects a warm glow.

  • Mastering light — or even just taming it– is one of the biggest and most difficult challenges facing any photographer. Regardless of whether you shoot in a studio full of strobes, or venture out on location with nothing but a reflector, overcoming the stumbling blocks that lighting throws in our way all boils down to the same set of tasks– understanding how light works, and making it work for you. The Web is bursting at its digital seams with lighting tutorials for photographers of every type and skill level. Some are good, some not, but they all share a common goal — helping you take control of one of the most important aspects of your photography. We’ve compiled ten of our favorites for you. There’s no ranking system — just a little something for everyone. So, in no particular order…

    #1 Bestseller Continuous Lighting are our Flourescent Kinoflo style lights for photo and video which provides the same lighting for 1/4 the price plus features not found on the Kino Flos. Our unique softbox provides the benefits of a much larger light with the convenience and portability of just closing the barndoors and go with no huge bulbs to unscrew or lug around.


    Focus Adjustable Halogen continuous studio lights for photography and video starting at $219.95 delivered for a 3 light kit! Light modifier grids, barndoors, umbrellas and soft boxes spare bulbs and fuses included.


  • #2 Bestseller Continuous Lighting are our new on camera and studio LED Light Panels and Monolights for photography and video lighting with high quality output at economical prices.

How to Do a Professional Looking Photo Shoot at Home

I always notice light. I love to just observe the way light touches everything, the way it falls all around us, and then look for those juicy pockets of light to work in! Watch light, pay attention to what it does through out the day and make plans for finding the best light for your photo shoots!