The Top Knobs M362 does not have to be countersunk.

- 5 mg (620 nmol) lyophilized ODN M362- 10 ml sterile endotoxin-free water

Victor Poison-Free M362 Reusable Yellow Jacket & Flying Insect Trap

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  • TAG : M362 Pill - acetaminophen/hydrocodone 660 mg / 10 mg

  • Generic Name: Hydrocodone, Acetaminophen
    Strength: 10 mg, 660 mg
    Manufacturer: Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
    Trade Name: N/A
    Type: Analgesic
    Class: RX, CIII
    Comment: Image courtesy of tunafizzle. Imprint M362

    Pharmaceuticals. M362 is also Hydrocodone, but is stronger as it contains 10/660 meaning again that it contains 10mg of Hydro and 660mg of Acet manufactured by Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. Both are Class 3 narcotics and can be habit forming and can be very addictive so be careful and follow the directions by your doctor. Hope this helps.

  • Item #m362. Military:Civil War: Camp Chase, censored. A 1864 cover from Camp Chase, OH, dtd June 13 w/Columbus cds. Partial type 1b Camp Chase censor.

    New collection of Lacey Jubah Dress M362 with flowery lace embroidery on cuff. It also comes with a hidden zip at the back and wrist, makes it easy to roll up the sleeve for wudhu friendly.

    Description Class C
    Cat. Code tlrl-m362-blk
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  • M362 Anti-Tank Mine
    Production information





    anti-tank mine

    Technical specifications
    Damage Per Hit

    capable of penetrating the armor of a main battle tank


    Necros War



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The M362A AT Mine was the successor introduced mid-way through the Necros War. It used a number of electromagnetic coils to volley the internal flechettes at the target at a fraction of the speed of light. The coils are activated by a small scale hydrogen battery and warm up and activate in less than two seconds, preventing detection defeat by magnetic sensor.