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Saugatuck and neighboring Douglas are brimming with art

Relativity Art Poster Print by M. C. Escher, 22x26

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  • “The big drawings and prints of the 1980s are both an extension and negation of his performance practice. By that I mean that he felt he had to escape performance art in the 1980s because it had become too popular.

    “It was a real undertaking! We started talking and emailing around two years out, thinking about how an exhibition like this could be approached. Mike has been working as an artist since 1970 but he’s always been a contemporary artist, and always disruptive, so a conventional survey wasn’t ever going to work. In the end we put a checklist together as did the artist, and the exhibition developed from there.

  • “Mike was very involved in every part of the process, he was very determined. Sometimes it was really hard but I think it will be worth it. Mike is a very important artist in the Australian cultural landscape. His work is difficult and divisive, it is often hard to look at, but it can also be very delicate, infinitely perceptive and surprisingly poetic.”

    “Mike’s first show there was called Word Situations, which comprised typewriter pieces installed on the walls and windows. Inhibodress only ran for two years but it was influential. Along with Pinocotheca Gallery in Melbourne, it really introduced conceptual art (idea art), video art, and performance art to Australian audiences.

    Annual UMHS
    Employee Art Exhibition
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    Art Under the Microscope is now on permanent display at the U-M Health System.


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    Walter B. Cannon: Physiologic Investigator
    by Robert A. Thom
    Taubman Health Center,
    2nd Floor, off the Triangle Link

    Re-Purposed Treasures, community art piece celebrates environmental stewardship. More

    Re-Purposed Treasures (detail)
    by Anne Mondro & students, Douglas Madaras & Gifts of Art
    University Hospital, Main Corridor, Floor 1


    “That’s a tough one, but I do have a few favourites. Like the work Poem (1971) which involved Mike sending a poem to friends and instructing them to Tear into tiny pieces/Scatter into the wind/Or throw onto/The sea. Each of the participants documented the destruction of the poem and these documents are now held in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.

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Also, museums don’t disclose the values of art objects, for what should be VERY OBVIOUS REASONS. And when we remove an artwork as a joke, we deprive a visitor of an opportunity to view it during their visit. That’s really unfair.