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Pure-Wave CM7 Extreme Power Full Body Massager for Head, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Leg, Foot and Face

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  • Then, use the fingers to apply the aloe Vera juice all over your face. Use the leaf to massage the face, and leave the juice for 20 minutes to dry on the face.

    It is inevitable to keep your face without stretching it all the day long. You go through so many phases during the day that the muscles on your face express them by stretching and tensing up. This leads to wrinkles. Therefore, it becomes essential for these facial muscles to relax. When you give a gentle massage to your face daily, it will help relax tightened up muscles. This in turn will decrease the fine lines and wrinkles formed by these drawn up muscles. You can give a massage to your face muscles only for few minutes in a day to relax them. How long should you massage your face then? This is the obvious question. Well, it all depends upon your skin type:

  • Whether you suffer from sinus pains, or any other type of facial pressure, there is no better tool to relieve strain and alleviate your face from stress. Great for reducing wrinkles, lines, soothing facial muscles, and all-around skin care. For best results, use to massage in face creams, oils, and masks.

    If you have been looking into the mirror seriously, you might have noticed some sagging as you age. While it is not too generalized but the most sag-prone facial area lies between your nose and jawline. When you massage your face, preferably with some anti-aging oil, the muscles and tissue of your face restore firmness leading to a youthful look. What is interesting is that you can even massage the inside of your mouth to set the muscles where they belong. This is really exciting to work out your facial muscles so that you can keep yourself years younger to your actual age!

  • This is your time to let the stresses of your life go and focus on the rejuvenating power of skin therapy. We want you to close your eyes, relax and simply enjoy. After all, a Massage Heights facial is one of the most affordable luxuries you can give yourself and others. To help you achieve the most from your experience, we’ve outlined what you can expect when you join us.

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