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BLU S480U Unlocked Studio 7.0 II Smartphone with 5MP Main Camera (Gold)

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  • QuickMemo: Metro PCS cell phones with QuickMemo are designed as the ultimate multitasking tools for life on the go. Capture screen images and make notes with just the touch of a finger while sending that same image via text, email or online in an instant.

    LG’s Metro PCS phones are designed for you and your busy life. Now you can have everything you need, all in one place. With Metro PCS phones from LG, you’ll be able to choose phones with features like stunning IPS displays and durable glass to ensure your phone is protected -- to unparalleled Wi-Fi speeds and superior picture quality. Be sure to browse LG’s complete collection of and and all of LG’s newest, most innovative . Discover everything you need to stay connected with LG and see how we’re making life good.

  • If a customer is purchasing their own phone from Metro PCS, they will need to pay the device in full. Metro PCS offers phones like the newest Samsung Galaxy models and the newest LG devices. Unfortunately, Metro PCS doesn’t offer iPhones or payment plans for their devices.

    Durability: Designed for your busy lifestyle, Metro PCS phones have available features like Gorilla glass, making them incredibly durable and scratch resistant, perfect for your active lifestyle.

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  • Considering MetroPCS's spectacular LTE service plans (including $55 for unlimited talk, text, and data), that doesn't mean shunning MetroPCS between now and then. But I think that if you're buying a MetroPCS phone now, you may want to save your pennies and get a less expensive smartphone like the or the , socking away the remaining cash for a killer phone on a growing network in 2013.

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