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Update International New 8" Barbecue BBQ Grill Steak Weights, Heavy-Weight, Hamburger Bacon Sausage Grill Press, Commercial Grade, Cast Iron

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  • Breaking in a New Barbecue Grill. Buying a barbecue grill for outdoor cooking gives you a new option for entertaining guests and enjoying your yard, deck or patio. But barbecue grills often require assembly and a breaking-in process before they're ready to use. Check your grill's manual for specific instructions or follow some general break-in procedures.

    The purpose of breaking in a new barbecue grill is to remove any oil, dust and debris on the grill's grate. This material may be from the factory, such as lubricants that are applied to metal grates to keep them from rusting while in storage. It can also be from storage or unpacking. Whatever the source, debris in your grill will alter the taste of your food unless you remove it during the break-in process.

  • One of the latest technologies for burners is the infrared burner. This technology provides an optimum amount of heat when using the burner. Infrared burners are fairly new to barbecue grills, but they can definitely make cooking with your grill more effective.

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