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Oprah Names a New Book Club Selection

The Everything Giant Book of Word Searches, Volume III: More than 300 new puzzles for the biggest word search fans

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  • With the new Facebook Search, which is still accessed by entering search terms in the box on the top right of any page, users will now see the latest status updates and shared content from both friends and all users who have made their profile open to everyone – in addition to more static types of results like applications, pages, notes, and groups.

    Facebook Search is now directly competitive with Twitter’s real-time search engine, which the company recently made more prominent for new users. However, the new Facebook search differs from Twitter in two important ways:

  • Web results from Microsoft are also included (at the bottom of the page) as part of , who also owns a 1.6% stake in Facebook. However, Microsoft is not contributing search technology to the new Facebook Search.

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