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Pain Bust-R Pain Bust-R Ii Extra Strength Arthritis Relief Cream, 3 oz (Pack of 2)

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  • Update: I am so excited. I told my brother about Pain Bust R II, and He bought some. He has a worse back than I do, and has gone through chiropractors, massage therapists, and various other modalities to receive relief, with not that much success. I got a call this morning that he has felt better and more comfortable after using the Pain Bust R II than he has been in years.

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  • Even a single application seems to work remarkably well in relieving pain and bringing comfort to cramped, knotted joints. Relief is faster because Pain Bust R II contains a soothing, moisturizing cream base which absorbs quickly -- where the pain is. Use it on your elbows, shoulders, knees, wrists, fingers or feet. Will not stain clothing or bedding. Made in the USA. 3 ounce tube.

    Specially formulated for Arthritis Pain Relief EXTRA STRENGTH PAIN BUST RII Penetrating Arthritis Pain Relief Cream Pinpoints and Attacks Pain Fast Reduces Stiffness Associated with Arthritis Flare-ups -Greaseless -Stainless Puts Pain To SLEEP Net Wt. 3 oz (85g)

    Generic: menthol, methyl salicylate - PAIN BUST R II generic

    Categories: muscular aches and pains

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