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Do you have any DIY pom pom crafts to add to my list?

Pepperell Craft Making Assorted Pom Poms, Standard Colors, 750 Per Package

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  • Acrylic Red Pom Poms Craft pom poms have so many craft uses! Craft pom poms work well for ornaments or other holiday decorations, glue craft pom poms...

    I really do hope that I am not boring you to death with our pom pom mania here on Red Ted Art, these last few weeks we have seen apple pom pom key rings, adorable little hedgehog pom poms, have been reinacting Little Miss Muffet with a spider pom pom and have gone all halloween CUTE with pom pom bats. I am pretty certain we are set to continue on the pom pom journey. But i the meantime, I thought I would share some of our favourite pom pom crafts from around the web!! I have grouped them a little into animal pom poms (which are great for playing with, but also make great zipper pulls for school or pom pom keyrings as gifts), we have pom poms you can wear and pom poms for decorating.. we have pom poms for Christmas and pom pom food for pretend play (and more key ring gifts). So really.. a pom pom for every occassion!! Take a peak. Hope you like them!

  • This weekend Molly and I were in a pom pom craft bubble – neither of us could get enough! The spark was ignited by my experimenting with making striped pom poms, which morphed into a bee (I didn’t set out to make a bee :) and once Molly held her newest little pet in her hands she was inspired to join me at the craft table to make.

    What a great collection of Pom pom crafts. We are currently enjoying a painting phase, but when we phase out I know where to turn for new ideas! Thanks for this post!

    pom pom crafts
    pom pom crafts

  • If you’re looking for an easy Valentine’s Day craft to make with the kids then you’re in luck! Today I’m sharing a tutorial on how to make pom pom valentine craft monsters with heart antennas. These are great for kids to play with at home and easy enough to make in large quantities for classroom valentines.

MollyMooCrafts Cute Pom Pom Craft - How to make a pom pom bee

Please give a warm welcome to Michelle from who is sharing a super cute pom pom craft for kids with us today – making three blind mice, which are just lovely for song bags and storytelling.