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Little Giant ACPC-1700 Automatic Pool Cover Pump - 577301

Little Giant 1AA18 Pool Cover Pump with 18' Cord, 170 GPH, 115V

WAYNE WAPC250 1/4 HP Automatic ON/OFF Water Removal Pool Cover Pump

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  • The Rule 1800 Pool Cover Pump or Model H53SP-24RUL comes with a 24 foot power cord and it can easily be attached to a standard garden hose. By using this pump you should have a dry pump cover in a matter of a few short hours. This pump does cost more than the Little Giant Pumps and is priced at $130.00. But this pump does have more gallons per hour than the other pumps do.

    The Economy Swimming Pool Cover Pump is available in three different models the A5015 that is a 250-gallon per hour Economy Pump, the A5020 that uses 350 gallons per hour pump and the A5025, which uses 500 gallons per hour pump. These cover pumps are designed to be used on above ground pools only. The Economy Series Cover Pumps can be used to remove water from above ground swimming pools and even spa covers. This pump is submersible and it can remove water up to 1/8 of the surface water. This pump does not require any special plugs or outlet converters just a standard 110-120 volt UL listed power source. All of these pumps come with a garden hose adapter and an 18-foot cord. These pumps range in prices from $45 to $83.00

  • he Rule Cover Pump Model 1800 is one of the most innovative swimming pool cover pumps around. This cover pump offers a very strong 1800 gallons per hour swimming pool cover pump. This cover pump uses a standard 110 volts of electricity. This pump uses a 1/4 horsepower motor and can be used in both fresh water and salt-water applications. This pump like the Little Giant pumps can be submersed and comes with a strainer basket that can catch any leaves and debris that may be sitting in your pool cover.

    By investing in a swimming pool cover pump you are taking the first step in getting more out of your swimming pool. By having these pumps you don’t have to wait for a warm day to start draining off the cover. You can use these pumps throughout the year until the day comes to open the swimming pool. You will save money by purchasing these pumps rather than spend double or maybe triple of the price for a swimming pool company to come out and do the job for you.

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    Great Pool Cover Pump
    Awesome at removing rain water that collects on top of our pool cover.

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  • Manual Pool Cover Pump
    Removes standing water from pool covers

    Removable Intake Screen
    Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance

    Convenient Household Design
    3/4" garden hose connection
    25' power cord

    8' Max Shutoff Head

    2-Year Warranty

    This Little Giant Swimming Pool Cover Pump works with a 325 gallons per hour with a one-foot head. This means that the pump is very efficient and works quickly to get out as much water as it can in a small amount of time. Like the PE-1-PCP pump, this pump works submersed for better efficiency. It comes with a non-corrosive housing made from Nylon.

Rule Pool Cover Pump with Leaf Protector

This pool cover pump does exactly as advertised. It requires very little maintenance (there are a lot of trees around our pool, so it is necessary to occasionally clean out the filter screen on the bottom of the pump. Super easy to do). It cycles on and off automatically and isn't affected by freezing temperatures. Great pool cover pump.