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  • Pool coping is available in materials like concrete, brick, flagstone, travertine, tile, or pre-cast concrete. Some more refined pools utilize natural stone such as limestone, sandstone, slate and granite for their pool coping. The range of colors and patterns within which these materials may be used is only limited by the imagination. They should also be sealed, to provide protection against water damage and water marks from the pool.

    These materials and finishes must be chosen carefully, as the pool coping is what can keep the pool in place, even if homeowners decide to remove or change the deck. With a variety of pool coping options available, no two pools need to be made the same. A backyard pool can be made completely unique because of pool coping options like colors, patterns, and materials which enhance the rest of the pool landscaping.

  • Kids of all ages love swimming pools, and when you add fun pool design features, the pool becomes a great place for the family to hang out, relax, and have fun together. Add one of these great features to your Charlotte swimming pool and let the good times begin.

    Figure out what features you would like the thermometer to have. Different models of digital thermometers for pools come with varying features. Knowing that, you have to be certain on the features that you want the thermometer to offer. Do you want one that provides both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature readings or either one would suffice? Would you like the thermometer to alert you when the temperature becomes too cold or too hot?

    I met with Bob and his wife Hazel to review and recommend the choices
    for the details of pools location, recommended pool and spa size, interior pool surfaces,
    hand railings, tile choices and decking materials.
    Bob Siegel then presented me with a fully detailed hand sketched
    plan of the pool the way he envisioned it. 
    Coordinating with the construction team at Shoreline Pools, Inc.,
    a full construction detail was developed to meet his design criteria.
    The results of those efforts are seen in the finished project.


    Easy to use Online Water Analysis for the pool and spa owner! Just enter the readings from your favorite test kit and WaterWise will give you instructions on what chemicals are needed to bring the water into perfect balance for comfortable, safe and healthy swimming or lounging.
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    Many of our customers ask, “” Lombardo Pools wants to take the guesswork out of the pool construction process and tell you what to expect as a pool owner. There are several factors that should be considered when answering this question, such as weather, the site where the pool will go and the design and additions you choose for your new swimming pool.

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