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  • If you are working in the vanadium flow battery business because you think it is better, explain to us why you think so, and certainly do what you can to show the economics are better. The Deutsche Bank report I referenced shows a very high price for flow batteries of all kinds.

    “ quoted prices for the battery portion of the system. Additional items that need to be considered are the inverter, other balance of system (other hardware components), and soft costs which include labor and paperwork. Finally, software is a critical component for system operation and maintenance. For operation, advanced energy management software can optimize energy storage system performance for specific applications, reduce battery degradation, and increase overall energy storage system return on investment. And for maintenance, software is particularly critical for fleet and asset management and service optimization.”

  • Agreed Norma!
    Could it be that only 3 owners have changed batteries because until now there wasn't a price for the battery pack.....and even so , unaffordable?
    Better to scrap the car or trade in.....if you can find anyone to buy it for stock.
    You can buy a lot of servicing for £5k

    Interstate Batteries are some of the most popular replacement batteries available. Interstate has been in business since 1950, so they have a rock solid reputation among automotive enthusiasts. Prices for Interstate batteries range from around $50 on the low end up to around $90 on the high end. Interstate has one of the strongest warranties in the market.

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