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  • Almost a quarter shoppers stated that they thought the reason for the increase in their weekly shopping bill was due to unclear pricing in supermarkets.

    Clip 8 or 10 items with their prices from supermarket ads in the newspaper and tape them to a sheet of paper. Choose items that are priced various ways — per pound, per bag, per gallon, etc., as well as “each.” Make a copy for each student.

  • Don’t you sometimes think it may be time to change your cutlery, but feel they are still useable and then postpone that day of shopping? Well, now you don’t really need to think of another reason. Just shop in Ntuc fairprice supermarkets.

    The minimum price of typical bottles of best bitter, say Taylors Landlord or Thwaites Wainwright, both 4.1% ABV, with 2.05 units of alcohol, would be 82 pence if the minimum was 40 pence per unit, or £1.02 if it were 50 pence. Only 500ml bottles of beers over 6.25% ABV would have selling price affected by a minimum price of 40 pence per unit; this is way stronger than most British beers on supermarket shelves, so such a low minimum price would have virtually no effect on selling prices in supermarkets – or, of course, pubs.

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