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Colossal Labs Monster Muscle Protein - 100% Cold Filtered Whey Protein - Rapid Amino Acid Delivery - Natural Coco for a Rich Chocolate Flavor - Tub Weighs 5 Pounds, Contains 68 Servings

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  • So, now that you know the various types of protein powders that can be used to enhance all over health and used in case of specific diseases, choose the one that suits you and enjoy a healthy and disease-free life.

    Overall, Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex is a great product, and perhaps the best protein powder to build muscle due to its high protein content. It may seem expensive at roughly $3 per serving, but keep in mind that a single serving of this product contains 2-3x the protein and BCAAs of the average protein powder.

  • When I’m making sure to consume enough protein from these sources but still need to add more protein, I use an unusual “protein powder” called (which I also put in my tea or coffee).

    BSN Syntha 6 is protein powder designed to provide sustained release protein over several hours. By using an innovative blend of 6 different protein sources, Syntha 6 provides a steady stream of amino acids to your muscles, aiding in recovery and reducing muscle fatigue. It’s also excellent for shedding fat and building a lean physique, which makes it a serious contender for the best protein powder for women available today.

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    Plant based protein powders like hemp, pea, rice, etc. are not typically complete sources of protein. Again, there are exceptions, but most, especially single source plant proteins, do not contain the entire range of essential amino acids. Some individuals will have reactions to these types of protein and they can increase gut permeability (this can also be an issue with whey protein in sensitive individuals).

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Until we recently I was quite anti protein powders, preferring to get all my protein through vegan whole food sources. However I am very much into my fitness and found that my strength training had reached a bit of a plateau, so I have now started supplementing one serving of protein powder in a snack every day to help bump up my overall numbers. I have found this has really helped. My preferred protein source is white hemp protein, it is a bit more refined than the regular green hemp (the fibre is removed) but has a much higher protein ratio (72%) and offers a complete protein in a much tastier form than green hemp too! I get so much fibre from all the veggies I don’t feel it to be a compromise.