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Pyramex Ztek Safety Eyewear, Blue Mirror Lens With Blue Mirror Frame

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  • Two strategies to reduce the impact of short-wavelength enriched light emissions were tested. First, the blue-blocking, orange-tinted Pyramex Ztek Safety Eyewear was very effective in decreasing the intensity of the short-wavelength/blue light emissions. Second, the Kids Sleep Dr app, which allowed for selection of a “sleep-aware” palate of colors on the device, was also successful in reducing short-wavelength light emissions, but also changed the spectral profile completely.

    Pyramex’s H2X anti-fog technology blocks out fog, mist, sweat and steam, allowing vision to remain optically clear in any weather condition. Available in select models of Pyramex safety eyewear, H2X anti-fog, anti-scratch coating is permanently bonded to the lenses, and will continue to be effective even after repeated cleanings.

  • These measurements were followed by testing the two different strategies designed to reduce the output of short-wavelength enriched light emissions. The first strategy involved testing the impact of blue-blocking (orange-tinted) glasses (Pyramex Ztek Safety Eyewear). These were tested by holding one of the lenses of the glasses 2.5 cm in front of the spectrometer probe. The second tested “Kids Sleep Dr” (a sleep diary/behavioral advice app intended to help parents solve their children’s sleep problems) (). As this app is designed to be used during the evening and at night, its developers took this into account and chose a “sleep-aware” palate of colors accordingly. This is the only app we were aware of at the time that employed this strategy.

    Comfort, style, protection and high standards make Pyramex a leader in the safety eyewear category. This time you don’t have to solely trust your instincts. Go with the results and see for yourself by ordering your top-quality Pyramex safety eyewear at today!

  • When you need protection from the neck up, you can depend on Pyramex. An international heavyweight in the eye protection industry, Working People depend on Pyramex safety eyewear to guard their eyes from the most extreme on-the-job hazards. Headquartered in Collierville Tennessee, Pyramex was founded in 1991 and continues to expand its selection of

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