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A fast drying, solvent based, light and heat reflective paint to protect and prolong the life...

Reflective Acrylic Paint "Lightning Brand"

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  • As older roofs need increased waterproofing to keep watertight, . As these products are usually solvent-based heat reflective paint, and are applied in thicker coatings, they are a more expensive option.

    Coo-Var Solar Reflective Aluminium paint dissipates heat and sunlight. This bituminous aluminium paint is a solar reflective roof paint that can be used on brick, wood, concrete and stable felt. Coo-Var Solar is a silver reflective paint and is dry to the touch around three hours after application using a brush or roller.

  • Generally, white reflective coatings tend to be water-based and are more suited to new roofs due to their low cost and ease of use. Coo-Var Solar Reflective White Paint that reduces heat build-up inside and outside the building. It can be used on concrete, wood, brick and other surfaces, and its a great choice as a solar reflective paint for flat roofs in good condition, but not recommended for roofs where standing water often gathers.

    Reflective paint coatings will extend the life of your roof in three ways: by reflecting sunlight away from the surface and therefore reducing heat transfer into the building, by decreasing thermal contraction and expansion of the roof membrane (), and by helping to manage and stop leaks. Solar reflective paint can help to lessen energy costs and simply improve .

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    Sun Reflective PaintWe provide highly effective Solar Reflective Paints that is widely used in the buildings as a protective layer from heat. Our Reflective Roof Paint is an excellent roofing

Heat reflective paint - Painting Ideas and Techniques

As can be seen above, the best spray on radiant barrier products are HeatBLOCK Ultra and LoMit-II Max. When installed correctly by a commercial contractor, these radiant barrier sprays can block between 80-85% of the radiant heat. But installing a radiant barrier spray solution is not an easy task for a do-it-yourself-er. In fact, getting expected results from a reflective paint requires the following: