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Have you discovered any other great substitutes for an absent roasting rack?

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  • That is why we developed the Xtrema line of natural ceramic bakeware. Our 4 qt & 6 qt oblong baking dishes and roaster accommodates a wide variety of options, from roasting your Thanksgiving turkey to fish, potatoes and beyond. And because our roaster is made from inorganic material straight from the earth’s crust instead of in a lab, you can relax knowing no harmful chemicals will leach unseen into your food. Compliment this bakeware with our 100% Ceramic Roasting rack.

    Our removable roasting rack, paired with the Xtrema 4 qt or 6 qt oblong baking dishes enhances the taste and quality of your favorite oven poultry, meat, and seafood and vegetables dishes.

  • Our bakeware is handcrafted and fired in a kiln at 2700 degrees. That makes it suitable for use in the oven as well as under the broiler, on the grill and the cook-top, toaster oven or microwave. Use the roasting rack or take it out and store it for another meal. Concerned about ease of cleanup? Don’t be, because unlike other roasting racks, ours is dishwasher safe.

    Roasting racks also help avoid steaming the meat instead of browning it. Covering the meat too tightly will cause it to steam, which in turn will keep the skin from browning and crisping nicely. If the meat is elevated, however, more air will be able to circulate around it.

  • The interconnected metal wires of the roasting rack allow the air to circulate around the meat as it cooks. This not only helps to prevent burning, but it makes the skin of the meat crispy and brown while sealing the juices inside. The roasting rack helps to achieve this effect by keeping the meat away from the juices and fat that drip to the bottom of the pan as the meat cooks. Since the meat will not be resting in the juices, it will not be boiled, and will continue to brown evenly on all sides.

Roast Rack of Lamb Recipe | Martha Stewart

Roasting Racks - There are various types of racks available and they are generally made from stainless steel or a non-stick coated metal, which makes clean up a lot easier