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  • On June 26th, thousands of Chinese workers break into Uyghur workers domitory and start beating them up with metal pipe, Uyghur workers fight back to protect themselves, it became a crash between Chinese and Uyghur people. local resident who witness the crash said at least 8 dead and hundreds wounded by Chinese, but chinese official news agency Xinhua said 2 Uyghur worker beat to death and said that after investigation the reason of the crash is because the rumor spread by a Chinese worker that Uyghur worker raped two chinese worker. News also said he spread the rumor in revenge of not being hired by the factory because of the arrival of Uyghur workers. The crash lasted 4 hours and police arrived at the secen and failed to stop Chinese worker from being voilent. Chinese government block the news from public fear of unrest. Vedio spread major internet website but shortly been block by government. here is the link of vedio on youtube uploaded by Chinese, the comments under it is about Chinese should do ethnic cleanser toward those minority in china and the user should set the vedio as private instead of showing it to the whole world..

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  • Singapore holds Asia's first vedio games exhibition

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