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Celebrate the season with Santa costumes, elf and angel costumes for kids and adults.

Rubie's Regal Plush Santa Suit, Red/White, Large

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  • Ho Ho Ho! So you want to dress up as Santa Claus for this Christmas season? The first thing you ask yourself is where do I go to get my costume? You have a number of options available to you to be able to get you a nice Santa Claus costume. The first place you can go is the local thrift store. It is possible that they may have some Santa Claus costumes in thrift stores in recent years have been getting a lot more into the costume business. Not everything is second hand so if that is kind of bothering you don't make it stop you for looking at the local thrift store. Those would probably be the more economical places for you to get your costume. That is a consideration especially if you are in a budget. If money is less of a object consider going to your costume store. This is where you are going to be able you know there would be 20-25 different types of Santa Claus costumes you are going to be able to test out, try on. See if they fit right, everything you would be able to do all that right in the store. Make sure you go home with a Santa Claus costume that fits best. The 3rd and most time consuming option is making it yourself. Hey are you good at kneading, sewing, that sort of thing well if you are you can consider getting some you know definitely get some red cloth material and some white fur. You can be on your way to creating your own Santa Claus costume. Tailor fit to your body. It would be as probably as snug as good looking as you are going get. The only problem is it takes a lot of time so if you are running short on the holiday season consider the first 2 options.

    Learn some great tips on how and where to look for a Santa Claus costume for a Christmas party in this free holiday video clip on holiday costume ideas.

  • Compliment Your Santa Suit by Creating that Perfect Santa Claus Look with our How-To Video

    If you are looking to create an authentic and very jolly version of Santa Claus for your Christmas event, here is a simple how-to video. With a few tips and suggestions, along with that perfect Santa Suit Costume you will easily be able to “become” Santa, much to the delight of children big and small in your neck of the woods. Check out this video or follow these written that is filled with Christmas cheer!

    Sunnywood Deluxe Santa Claus Costume. Naughty or nice, this classic brings festive cheer to any Halloween or Christmas celebration!

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    Wishing that Christmas came early this 2014? Christmas is one of the Holidays that the Costume industry looks forward to and Santa Claus Costumes are ready for the 2014 Christmas Season early on. Can’t wait to wear it for Christmas, how about later October, why not? Dressing up as old Saint Nick during the Christmas season is an old tradition that brings joy to children and grown-ups alike but Santa can make an early appearance for Halloween. The idea that a kind and generous man examines your good deeds throughout the year and rewards you for them every December is a great part of Christmas tradition that let’s children’s imagination take off. Unfortunately this illusion only lasts for a few years until it vanishes from the exposure to reality that comes along with growing up. However, the tradition still remains and is passed down from generation to generation.

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Suit up, all you Santa Claus wannabes! Here you'll find all the costumes and accoutrements for your seasonal Santa character, from affordable Santa outfits for kids to sexy Santa costumes for women and premium Santa suits for sidewalk Santas. You'll notice right away that there's a huge discrepancy in price from "entry-level" costumes to professional-quality suits: Santa costumes for kids start at less than twenty bucks, while deluxe Santa suits can ring up at the register to the tune of several hundred dollars. There's a reason for this: Deluxe Santa suits are truly collectible outfits made to last and designed to create the best possible impression. Not only are they completely accessorized with beards and wigs, they're equipped with heavy-duty zippers and working pockets (for Santa's car keys), sewn from durable heavy felt, and lined with cool and comfortable satin. As always, you get what you pay for. You can feel an immediate difference when you slip into the coat. Plush fabric is trimmed with soft faux fleece; even the included beards and wigs, made of soft, life-like synthetic fiber with a wintry sheen, are that much better than standard Santa accessories. So, if you plan to play the role of Santa year after year, a deluxe Santa suit may seem like a big investment initially, but it will be a bargain in the long run as you'll set for life as the "go-to" Santa for parties and Christmas pageants! For those on a budget this year, we also offer plenty of inexpensive outfits — among others, blue Santa suits, Santa jumpsuits for babies (with drop seats for easy diaper changes), cute Miss and Mrs. Claus outfits for teens, sexy Santa Costumes for ladies sure to turn up the heat in the hearth, and even Santa jackets for your dog! So shop with us this and every holiday season — all Santa costumes and accessories are tested for safety and quality... They're priced to move and chimney-ready!