Q: What exactly is the Sassy Sack material made of?

Chapter 8-The Sassy Sack is Missing!

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Sassy Baby Disposable Diaper Sacks, 200 Count

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  • These colorful bags come in packs of 3, 6, 8 or 9 and are featured in three lively designs: Green leaves, Lavender Bouquet, and Blue Spheres. Additional designs coming soon.
    Find Sassy Sacks today at gift stores, specialty boutiques and on line.

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  • At least I get to carry the purse my grammy made me — my Sassy Sack. I keep a million things in it — maybe two million. It’s purple and silver and magenta, and has pockets on the outside that zip and button, and lots of hidden pockets inside. Grammy put all kinds of sparkling things on it, and when the sun hits it, it just glitters. It has a long shoulder strap, and I carry it everywhere. It’s sassy, just like me.

    Sassy Sack () is a fully sized diaper bag that fits into a wristlet clutch. It has two outside bottle pockets and inside divided pocket for diapers and wipes and a gadget pocket for an iPhone or mobile phone.

    The wristlet clutch can be used for diapers and wipes and parent essentials like a wallet and keys. It is also a save the day wet sack to store soiled articles until you get home.

    Both are machine washable.

    BUT the Sassy Sack isn't just a diaper bag! It can be used as a beach bag, work out bag or travel bag. It is compact enough for airplane travel... the mod pod pouch can easily fit in your suitcase or carry on and then you have a full size diaper or beach bag when you reach your destination. It's got a life outside of kiddos!

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    Extra Value Bonus Pack

    • 200 Scented Single Diaper Disposal Bags with tie-close handles
    • Pop-Up Dispenser Box
    • A safer and more sanitary way to dispose of diapers
    • Bag seals in wetness and bacteria
    • Baby powder scent helps control odors
    • Tie-close handles make the Sassy Diaper Sacks easy and convenient to use

    Made in USA

    Sassy Sacks for Trash™ (and so much more…!)

    Taking out the garbage is a fact of life, so, why not do it in style and with style?
    Use these eye-catching bags to tote your trash to the chute, dumpster or curb.
    They are reusable and great as a laundry bag, wrap for an oversized gift, and more.
    Perfect for your home, boat, RV or dorm room, Sassy Sacks are biodegradable,
    making them more eco-friendly than their mundane counterparts.

    While everyone wants to recycle as much as possible, the truth is that brown paper
    bags can leak, grocery-store plastic bags often have holes, and most everyday trash
    liners are not biodegradable at all. These pretty bags help you do your small part
    for the environment every time you use them—and reuse them!

    Sassy Sacks fit standard 13-gallon kitchen garbage cans, and look terrific on a kitchen
    drawer during parties. Sassy Sacks, an attractive alternative to conventional trash bags!

    These colorful bags come in packs of 3, 6, 8 or 9 and are featured in three lively designs: Green leaves, Lavender Bouquet, and Blue Spheres. Additional designs coming soon.
    Find Sassy Sacks today at gift stores, specialty boutiques and on line.

    • As a trash bag with panache
    • As a reusable office trash can liner
    • A novel and practical host/hostess or new home gift
    • A chic laundry bag for home and travel
    • An easy gift wrap for the gift that doesn’t fit easily into any box
    • A convenient tote for the necessities of a slumber party attendee

    • A storage bag

    But Sassy sparkles with imagination and style. She'd change the boring blue school uniforms she and her friends have to wear to lovely costumes in shades of strawberry or jade. You'd serve boysenberries at lunch and require marigolds in every classroom. And you help your friends and family in all kinds of situations with the wonderful and mysterious items--from lip gloss to paper clips to superglue-- that are tucked into your marvelous Sassy Sack.

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Nine-year-old Sassy, the youngest child in an active, warm family, wants to be taken seriously. Teasing seventh-grade brother Sabin and sophisticated 16-year-old sister Sadora get to be called their given names, but Sassy is called Little Sister most of the time. Her loving African-American family gets so busy that they sometimes even forget she is there, despite her fancy clothes and unique style. But Sassy never forgets them. Whenever there is an emergency, Sassy is there with her Sassy Sack, full of just what is needed, from lip gloss to glue to a flashlight. Sassy might be small, but she is the right size to save the day just when her family needs her most. While her first-person voice sometimes slips from a genuine-sounding fourth grader to that of an adult, Sassy's story of family, school and one special grandmother is a sweet one. Newly independent readers, especially little girls who love fashion, will identify with Sassy and will look forward to more stories about her life and family. (Fiction. 7-10)