Building Collector: Miniature Building Automatic Savings Machine

Ways to Save | Use our savings machine to calculate how much money you can save, by making only small changes in your habits

ATM Savings Bank - Limited Edition - Silver/Black

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  • Stats are off the Charts
    by Daniel Gonzalez

    When it comes to buying appliances that cost this much, I believe people should be taking a little longer to buy them. Now according to your stats, I simply find outstanding that 1. the energy saving machines don't save on electricity, just mostly on the water (they should be more explicit). 2. the dryers are the bulk of the energy consumption. I'm wondering what are things that can be put in place besides putting clothes on a line to dry that will save a little bit on time but also not waste so much energy. I know that when it comes to washers, I found that front loading has been (as of lately based again on your data) better than the top loading washers when it comes to energy. Thank you for writing this article, quite insightful!

    Mini Bank ATM Savings Machine - Accepts

    Notes - Mini Bank Card & Pin - Built In Alarm Clock -
    by MAXIM


    Product Description
    What a great fun way for children to save and learn the

    importance of money management. This great little atm gives you a running total of

    your savings and as a savings target function, so will keep track of how much is

    required to reach your target. Great when saving for something they have in mind. It

    counts your coins as you put them in and can be accessed by either the password which

    you set up from the default of "0000" or use your mini bank card and pin to withdraw,

    which will then adjust the total. Over all a great toy which is also a great learning


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