Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. SCEPTRE; SCEPTER. sep ...

sceptre of my son, It is despising every tree. (See NIV). ...

(4). sceptre. For shebet; a rod of empire -- sceptre. see HEBREW shebet. ...

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  • TAG : He holds his sceptre in his right hand, the scroll in his left.
  • The British Museum is borrowing golden figures of animals of high status, such as a cow, a wild cat and the rhinoceros; and objects associated with power including a golden sceptre and golden bowl. The only one to have ever left South Africa is the bowl, which underwent a year of conservation work at the British Museum – a connection which has helped to secure the new loans.

    David Mitchell's 2004 Booker Prize-winning novel, Cloud Atlas, skyrocketed here in the states after the film adaptation starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry was released in 2012. Now it's making headlines again. A British professor has uncovered multiple textual differences between the UK edition, published by Sceptre, and the US edition, published by Modern Library.

    In "," an article published on the Open Library of Humanities last week, Martin Paul Eve of Birkbeck, University of London, begins with a discussion of textual permanence in the digital age, citing recent Amazon e-book issues. He goes on:

    "Similarly, a comparison of the North-American digital edition of David Mitchell's genre- and time- hopping novel, Cloud Atlas (2004), with the UK version conjures forth a fresh set of anxieties about literary production. For it quickly emerges that the texts are very different and that readers of Cloud Atlas based in the US are likely to encounter a novel that stands starkly apart from that bearing the same title in the UK."

    Eve's discovery is quite significant for literary scholars and book historians as well as for casual readers who might enjoy the challenge of spotting the variants themselves. Collectors of Mitchell will also now be attuned to the variation. As Mitchell explained to Eve, the textual discrepancies are the result of mis-management between publishers--some substantial changes made by UK editors were never shared with stateside counterparts. That may mean the US edition is closer in content to Mitchell's original manuscript.

    Which version of the text then has priority, or is "definitive"? Mitchell told the , " the case of Cloud Atlas, both work. Not that I have the faintest memory, after all these years, what the differences even are."

    Image at top: UK edition, via .
    Image at bottom: US edition, via .

  • Professor Martin Paul Eve of Birkbeck, University of London was writing a paper on Cloud Atlas, working from the UK paperback published by Sceptre, and from a Kindle edition of the novel, when he realised he was unable to find phrases in the ebook that he could distinctly remember from the paperback. He compared the US and UK editions of the book, and realised they were “quite different to one another”.

    was also made in 1661, and atop it is a dove symbolizing the Holy sprit. While the Sceptre with the Cross is held in the right hand, the Sceptre with the Dove is held in the left. At the same time as the King/Queen holds both Sceptres, he or she is crowned with St Edward’s Crown.

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    SCEPTRESheffield Centre for Product Development and Technological Resources (Sheffield Hallam University, UK)
    SCEPTRESoftware-Controlled Experimental Processing/Processor for Torpedo Research
    SCEPTRESystem Computerized for Economical Performance, Tracking, Recording, and Evaluation (airline technology)

  • The Royal Sceptre, which is held in the Sovereign’s right hand during the coronation, is made of gold surmounted by a magnificent diamond-encrusted cross with an emerald in the centre. Below the cross is a splendid amethyst and below that is what is believed to be the world’s largest diamond. This is a pear shaped brilliant known as The Star of Africa. It was set into the sceptre in 1910.

The Sceptre LCD TV uses weak 7-watt speakers.

Hmmm. I read the British (Sceptre) paperback, gave it away, and got the American (Random House) trade edition. Now I have to get the British edition back.