$56 SmartCat Ultimate Sisal Cat Scratching Post--Another idea

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SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

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  • UPDATE: It’s now been about nine months since I made this hanging sisal scratching post, and it is still good as new! The cats still use it every day and the rope is still firmly attached to the board; it hasn’t started drooping or sliding off at all!

    For the "ultimate" in sisal cat scratching posts, we have combined our vertical scratching post with a TopCat Flat Scratcher giving your cats a choice of vertical or horizontal scratchingsurfaces. Our post also includes the following unique combination of features:

  • For over 80 years the Felix Katnip Tree Company has handcrafted the best sisal scratching posts for a healthy and happy cat. Felix Katnip Trees are made with only the finest materials available in the United States.

    If you have a problem with your cat scratching your furniture like it’s their own scratching post, then you have a few options: One is to have your cat declawed, but many are reluctant to do that. The second is to try and dissuade your cat from scratching your furniture by using a water bottle that squirts out water. After a period of time this may work but it’s not %100 guaranteed. The third option is to buy a sisal fabric scratching post like the brand PurrFect Post, which apparently cats seem to favor over other fabric posts and furniture. Personally, I would go with option three, but that’s just me.
    Sisal Fabric Cat Scratching Post:

    Sisal Fabric Cat Scratching Post pictured: SmartCat Bootsie’s Combination Scratcher

    Big Deal

    Model B48: ONLY $63.99
    48" tall, w/ extra heavy 19" base
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    One tough 4' sisal scratching post
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  • Giant Deal

    Model B60: ONLY $94.99
    FIVE feet tall
    with massive 22" base

    Our tallest sisal scratching post
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    Our 20 in. sisal scratching post fits any home decor and has a upscale look that will wear well over time. The Max & Marlow 20 in. sisal scratching post features:

sisal scratching posts at Target

Give your cat a fancy new home with this Pawhut cat tree scratcher post. This cat tree will provide plenty of space for your cat to scratch and climb all day. The large size makes it great for multiple cats so they can play together. It has two solid bases with an arching bridge over the top to connect the trees. There are six natural sisal rope scratching posts that your cat will love.