The Glam Pad: 25 Timeless Skirted Dressing Tables

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RINCO Luau Natural Color Grass Table Skirt Decoration with Tropical Flowers, 9' x 29"

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  • Beyond getting crafty with paint (which is hard to execute elegantly), there’s not a ton you can do to customize a standard wooden table. But skirted tables? The options are endless. Sikes recommends adding a contrasting trim. “My skirted table go-to right now is using a solid fabric in a pretty color and then adding an ivory bullion trim to the bottom,” he says. “The contrast of the color and the drama of the bullion is a winner every time.”

    If you’re having a skirted table custom made, Hooff advises, “Always line and interline them. This will give them a wonderful body that will always look rich and refined!”

  • In petite quarters where storage is at a minimum, all square footage from floor to ceiling should be optimized. McGrath, who lives in a one-bedroom apartment in New York City, knows well the challenges. “Skirted tables not only give you the opportunity to add an unexpected pattern or color into a room,” she says, “but they also serve as a storage solution in small spaces.” You can stack and store unsightly odds and ends under a skirted table with fabric that kisses the floor—and no one will know.

    Hooff points out that any spot it the house that is “desperate for a significant piece of furniture,” is a great candidate for a skirted table, which can add instant heft to an empty space. And as Hepfer notes,“the fabric helps absorb sound if a room echoes from lack of soft furnishings,” so they’re a wise consideration in a place where you have noise concerns.

  • Want to avoid the hassle and expense of having a custom skirted table made? One Kings Lane is excited to unveil its very own ready-made skirted table collection! In top-notch fabrics with the most beautiful trims and graceful tailoring, they’re as close as you can come to custom.

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This is a purple skirt covered table with a glass stand on top of it where the cake is placed, along with some scattered crystals on the table that makes it glitter and beautifully radiate light.