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I decided that I was going to switch from an old slidey phone on Verizon to a smart phone on a pre-paid contract to save money.
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  • Reviewed by Burray Futtock from Scotland on 11th Aug 2012
    Before I received my Nokia 6500, I was a broken man. My marriage was on the rocks, I had succumbed to cancer due to the vicissitudes of a stressful job. I found myself crying in the rain as I walked to my house. I had a cloud hanging over me and friends started to drift away as I forced them away from my indifferent and self-obsessed behaviour. I thought it was all over and purchased a revolver and sat down with a drink on my sofa. Suddenly a friend burst into the room and tossed me a Nokia 6500 slide cell phone. As its sleek aluminium lines arced through the air, I felt my mood lifting. Using its superb WAP internet function, I managed to find a new job and was offered the job at interview. Friends started to phone and meet me again. Everyone commented on how positive and friendly I had become. I placed my music on the MP3 system and rocked these tunes to myself as I healed the rifts in my marriage and, using the superb compact keypad, managed to sell my revolver to a hitman who was willing to pay above the odds. Some may say that this was all coincidence or a one-off event - I say it was the awesomepower of the Nokia 6500 Slide Classic. God Bless you Nokia!

    Today's impenetrable continues, with this - the arrival of proper facts regarding Nokia's Symbian S60-powered N86. The slidey phone is Nokia's entry in the GREAT PHONE CAMERA MEGAPIXEL WAR, thanks to it coming with an 8megapixel Carl Zeiss camera round the back, with auto-focus and support for recording MP4 video at a maximum resolution of 640 x 480.On the phone side of things, it's packed with 8GB of memory, obviously plays MP3s, WMVs and H.264 encodes, comes with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack EMPOWERING you to use whatever headphones you damn well like, plus it has a TV-out and assisted GPS service. The latter will be slightly hobbled by making you use Nokia Maps, but still. Nice.It'll also do the internet, with internal wi-fi support for local browsing in the home - and everything will be just about readable thanks to the phone's 2.6" OLED screen. It is, to be fair, looking a bit tasty. Nokia's says the N86 be out in Q2 of 2009. That's April, May or June, in layman's terms.(Via )

  • The slidey phone is Nokia's entry in the GREAT PHONE CAMERA MEGAPIXEL WAR, thanks to it coming with an 8megapixel Carl Zeiss camera round the back, with auto-focus and support for recording MP4 video at a maximum resolution of 640 x 480.

    But, off the back of the opinion-splitting , everyone’s favourite noughties manufacturer surprised us all a few months ago by apparently coming through on its promise of a slider phone.


    Also known as a "clamshell", the flip phone usually consists of two parts joined by a hinge in the centre that allows the phone to fold, making it smaller and more compact for carrying around. When opened up for use, most flip phones stay in a position that puts the speaker and microphone close to the ear and mouth of the user, making them very convenient for calls. Often either black or silver.


    A slide phone is also comprised of two (or more) part connected together, but unlike the flip phone, the sections slide on rails. The main advantage of this over a clamshell style is that it allows a full QWERTY keyboard to be utilised within the phone, without the handset becoming too big or compromising the screen size. Some manufacturers developed phones that doubled as portable games consoles by utilising slide functions. Several models come in different back colours.

    Candy bar

    Named for its shape and resemblance to the said candy bar, these handsets are block shaped (hence the other name of this form - the "brick", though this is more often used to refer to older, outdated phones). This form is very widely used, and usually has the screen and main buttons all on one face. Touch screen phones are usually in candy bar format due to the requirement for a large fascia to put the screen on. Often customised with screen covers and cases that clip onto the back of the handset.


    Swivel phone handsets are similar to the flip phone in practical use - they "fold up" to become smaller - but instead of hinges, there is a central axis. The top part of the phone literally rotates around this axis until the phone is flat. Swivel phones are considered stylish, but can be more fragile than flip phones and are less widely used.

  • Flip

    Can have very small keys so may not be easy to use for a person with large hands or an older person. Very easy to slip in a pocket due to size, so may be appreciated by young people or frequent travellers - anywhere where space may be a premium.


    Generally more robust than flip phones, but slightly bigger. QWERTY keyboard excellent for frequent texters and those who use email on their phones, and handy for typing memos and appointments in calendar functions.

    Candy bar

    Suitable for nearly all users, but can be fairly large in comparison to flip, slide, and swivel phones. Handsets with normal number keypads will be useful for those who only wish to make calls, while those with full alphanumeric keypads will have the same advantages as the slide phone. Touch screen candy bar handsets are excellent for those who like to multitask with phones - such as watching videos or reading as well as making calls.


    Swivel phones are generally recommended for users who want the advantages of a flip phone, but a handset that looks a little more unusual. Sales people and fashion conscious customers might prefer swivel phones to other handsets.

    Not many smartphones offer a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, using a tiny on-screen keyboard instead. The Samsung Galaxy Relay 4G stands out with its high-quality keyboard and great processing power. The internal storage space is handicapped by pre-installed apps, and the phone feels much bulkier than anything else on the market. However, if you are a fan of pressing actual buttons but still want to surf the web on a fluid device, the Relay is the slide smartphone for you.

Slidey is an engaging puzzle game with a new, distinctive gameplay

Jack wants a better phone ("I've got a slidey phone that always snaps in half"), Tom wants a laptop ("Then I could sit on my bed to do my homework instead of sitting in the study"), and Noah wants his first phone. "My friends are all starting to get phones and I'm looking forward to getting one, too." He used to have an app on his iPod called TextMe that enabled free texting via Wi-Fi. "I got rid of it because I was consumed by it," he says. "I used it so much to text all my friends, start a conversation stupidly, just say hi." So isn't he worried he'll be the same with a phone? "No, because it's not free," he says. "With a phone I'll just use it when I need to, not have a conversation about nothing."