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Graco SnugRide 22 Classic Connect Infant Car Seat in Madison

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  • According to the NHTSA, the release latch on the affected seats could fail, which could make it difficult to remove the child. The models affected are: Smartseat, Snugride, Snugride 22, Snugride 30, Snugride 32, Snugride 35, and Snugride Click Connect 40.

    The Graco SnugRide 22 Car Seat is one of the top-rated car seats by leading consumer magazines and publications. Thoughtfully constructed and rigorously tested for safety over many years, the SnugRide 22 is sure to get your important little passenger to your destination safely and comfortably. Rigorously crash-tested, the Graco SnugRide 22 Car Seat exceeds all U.S. safety standards.

  • We have 2 Marathons, a Boulevard and a Roundabout 50. We love them all, and think they are all so easy to install. That being said, kids are going to outgrow their seats by height way before weight unless they are super short and super chubby. I am actually shocked that your son just outgrew the Snugride 22, because it has a super short shell. It is outgrown by height when a child has less than 1″ of shell above their head or weighs 22lbs. So, my super tiny kids outgrew it way before a year. It is the same thing with the Britax seats, they are outgrown rear-facing when there is 1″ of shell above their head or reach the rear-facing weight limit.

    Graco Snugride 22 Infant Car Seat - Barlow Pattern - The top-rated Graco SnugRide has been thoughtfully constructed and rigorously tested for safety to help keep your baby secure from that very first ride home.

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    Re: Snugride 22, 30, or 32?

    My DH drives an 07 Dodge Caliber. I tried the Snugride 30 in the back and it just fit if I actually wanted to sit in the passenger seat. I'm not finding many 32s, so I think I would have to go with the 35 if I wanted a bigger one. Which is also a heavier seat, which I'm not wild about.

    If the 35 is any bigger than the 30, our only option with that one would be to never have me ride as a passenger. I rarely ride in that car anyway, as when all of us go somewhere we take our SUV. But I'm not sure if its practical to NEVER have me or anyone not really short as a passenger in DH's car.

    If I can get to 5-6 months in the 30 I'm good with that.

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    Re: Snugride 22, 30, or 32?

    We had a 32 and my 90+% baby outgrew it around his first birthday. It is longer than the 22 or 30. My friend has a 22 and DS was 6 months when she had he baby. DS was already to long for her car seat.

    If you aren't set on an infant bucket a Combi Coccoro may be a good option for you. That's what we are using for my DS right now. He's 27lbs and 31" with room to grow at 14 months. It takes up less room in my Neon than our SnugRide32.


    I had a Graco Snugride 22 in Zooland to try out. This seat is only $20 more and offers so many more features. It has a front adjust, it has 4 harness heights as opposed to 2, canopy is twice as nice. Material looks like it is easy to clean also. The best part is the base, this base is 3 inches narrower than the snugride 22 which was important to us seeing that at some point we will need to fit 3 across in a Coralla

Graco SnugRide 22 Classic Connect Infant Car Seat - Tinker

Buy Graco SnugRide 22 Infant Car Seat Base in Metallic benefit : I looked and looked all over for this base. Of course, I got one base with the car seat itself, but we needed two more bases for my husband and mother's cars. I checked everywhere (Target, Walmart, BabiesRUs) and none of them carried this base. Thank you Amazon!!