Socks over pants from Rag & Bone Fall 2010

Men’s dress socks tend to come in two heights: midcalf socks and over the calf socks.

Gold Toe Men's Canterbury Over the Calf Dress Sock 3-Pack, Black, Shoe Size 10-13

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  • When I show (or otherwise wear my tall boots), I have regular socks under, but put boot socks over. I'm usually just in paddocks and half chaps, though.

    Wonderfully comfortable and sexy,
    RocknSocks over the knee socks
    pull up just past your knees
    and on some legs they even
    stretch thigh high.

  • 1 Pair THIGH HIGH SOCKS Over Knee Girls Womens Cheerleader Feature: Brand New and High quality. Breathable, Elastic and Thin Over Knee. Season: Spring ,Summe

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  • “Scratch mittens and socks: Bibi scratched her face so much, so scratch mittens were essential, but socks over their little hands works just as well.

Girl ties her shoes with argyle socks over her hands