I love you red solo cup, I lift you up,

Made out of red solo cups for Madi's Yo Gabba Gabba party

Hefty Everyday Assorted Colors Party Cups, 16 Oz, 100 Count

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  • Red Cup Living is making a whole line of products that incorporate the iconic red Solo cup’s design. There’s a variety of options too. A 350mL cocktail cup, a 350mL coffee mug, a 400mL wine glass, a 450mL margarita cup, a 60mL shot glass and even the 500mL iconic cup. All the products vary from $US6-$US10.

    Because the classically versatile red Solo cup pretty much signifies party time, there’s something unclassy about downing anything but crappy beer and jungle juice from it. But what if the red cup’s design was converted to a wine glass? Or a martini glass? Or a chalice? Or a shot cup? Oh so classy now.

  • Solo Cup Company partners with the Chicago Cubs to introduce the "Real Fans Recycle" program at Wrigley Field. Fans can now recycle all of their plastic cups in specially marked bins throughout the historic park. In its first season, the Chicago Cubs and its fans divert approximately 165,000 pounds of cardboard and plastic material out of the waste stream and back into the market in a recycled form.

    Check out our recommended item, these Creative Converting red plastic cups! Not only are they same size and color as the Dart Solo cups, but they are available to you at a much better value!

    White Vented Lid for 4oz SOLO Cup(1000) White Vented Lid for 4oz Cup Price:  £18.45 (£22.14 Inc VAT)  Add to Basket 

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    $2.00 ea.

    I always use these solo cups for larger get togethers because they are durable and the clean up is a lot faster. The price is good also because it's cheaper than in store. Love these cups! And you have multiple colors on here

Red Solo Cup - I want to make this for our next party

They are also used by the cannabis growing community as small pots and are also the inspiration and the preferred growing container in alternative online-community cannabis growing competitions where the object of the competition is to flower a cannabis plant according to a set group of rules using 16 oz. Solo cups as the growing container and then the competitors, and in some case sponsors, vote on which entrant's plant they find the most appealing according to each voter's own personal criteria.