Adjustable Speaker Tripod for MIXPACK Express

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PYLE-PRO PSTND2 - 6 ft. Tripod Speaker Stand

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  • HIGH QUALITY TRIPOD SPEAKER SCRIM COVERS - "These fit over your speaker tripods to give them a classy look. I find they look better when I keep the tripods low. I run my cables under the covers and out through the top for my powered speakers so the cables are hidden. Simple to install and since they stretch to fit, the don't wrinkly. We love these."

    Wonderful SKRIMS
    I have purchased 2 pairs of SKRIMS and couldn’t be happier with the wear, look and use of this product. If you are looking for tripod SKRIMS for lighting tripods or speaker tripods look no further you will not be disappointed! DJ for over 2 years.

  • So what exactly is a tripod cover? And why do you NEED it? This DJ Tripod Cover has a 360 Degree Design providing complete coverage over most tripod style speaker stands. This item comes in white and black high quality fabric.A tripod cover is a premium 4-way stretch fabric that is custom made to fit on your tripod stand. When the white tripod cover is lit from the inside, it becomes semi transparent creating a glow effect. These tripod covers will transform your boring speaker tripod into an illuminated color structure. It also helps to hide messy wires, cables, wires and unsightly dents and scratches that may be on your tripod. Are you looking to stand out from the crowd? Are you looking to be a cut above the rest out there? If so....... you need Amazin Gear Professional DJ Products. Transform your speaker tripod and add a brand new style of presentation. Amazin Gear products are NFPA 701 approved Fire Retardant. They also increase safety by making your stand more visual so guests won’t accidently trip over them. How do you wash them? Gentle cycle, hang dry. Absolutely no bleach. Can I backlight / uplight the white tripod cover? Yes. Adding L.E.D lighting will give life to this fantastic new product. Perfect for professional disc jockey setups, weddings, special events and trade shows. Take it to the next level with various LED bars and LED par cans available on the market today.

    About the Product
    Amazin Gear SKRIMS Speaker Stand Tripod Cover, #1 DJ Scrim - High Quality 4-Way Stretch Fabric - GREAT VALUE + 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Your satisfaction is our priority!

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