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Sterilite 14138606 Layer Stack & Carry Box, 10-5/8-Inch

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  • Depending on the desired purpose, small, medium, and large stackable storage boxes are available. If planning to stack many boxes in one pile, it may be best to choose smaller boxes for ease of movement than larger boxes.

    Stackable storage containers neatly fit on top of one another to provide a more secure tower than you’ll find with a cardboard box. These stackable plastic containers each come from various manufacturer series. You’ll find that each of these stackable storage boxes has various lids that match up with other similar plastic boxes in the same line. Each of the stackable storage boxes function a bit differently. One thing they have in common is all stacking storage boxes have molded lids with ridges that fit tightly into one another. Some of the stackable plastic storage containers have snap-down lids while other stacking storage boxes have latch lids that slide on and off with each. At JPB, you’ll find stackable storage containers in all shapes and sizes. The underbed stacking storage boxes are longer & can hold various items while other plastic stackable storage boxes are used for many reasons. Find just the right stackable storage containers.

  • Due to differing styles, stackable storage boxes can be utilised throughout the home for different purposes. Storage boxes don’t always have to be hidden in attics, basements, or garages, and can be a welcome addition to existing home decor.

    Stackable storage boxes can, of course, be purchased from a local DIY store, or even from select supermarkets, although deals and discounts can often be found online. However, there are some considerations to make when buying stackable storage boxes online which aren’t applicable to traditional brick and mortar stores. Two of the biggest considerations to take into account when buying stackable storage boxes online are condition and practicality. Items for sale in online stores, such as eBay, are available in both new and used condition depending on seller. When looking for used stackable storage boxes, it’s important to ask the seller about any existing damage which could make the boxes vulnerable to cracks and splits. In terms of practicality, due to the sizes of stackable storage boxes many sellers will offer collection only, so it may be a good decision to filter results based on seller’s distance.




    Plastic is by far the most common material for stackable storage boxes. It is sturdy and secure to allow for high quality storage and stacking. However, it is prone to cracking, especially if overloaded.


    Heavy duty cardboard boxes can be stacked, although flimsier cardboard may damage easily. This material is generally inexpensive but it vulnerable to damp and mold growth if not protected, especially in attics, basements, and garages.


    Wooden boxes may be decorative and perhaps more costly than other materials. They are hard wearing and sturdy to allow for safe stacking, although painted wood could become scratched during the stacking process.

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    Removeable Lid

    Sturdy lids help to secure boxes placed on top of the boxes. The lids protect the boxes and their contents from damage and decay from dust and other airborne particles which could cause deterioration.

    Hinged Lid

    Hinged lids provide a sturdy base for supporting the higher boxes. They protect the contents from dust and other particles which could cause damage and cannot be misplaced due to attachment to the box.


    Open boxes tend to have grooves or indents near to the top for the higher boxes to sit in or slide into. They are basic yet functional and are one of the most common types of stackable storage box.

    Plain and Basic

    Usually made from plastic or very heavy duty cardboard, plain boxes are inexpensive and can be used for hidden storage in attics or garages where design, detailing, and style isn’t of great importance.


    Decorative boxes usually have lids that support the higher boxes. They are typically made from wood or heavy duty cardboard and have intricate detailing. Decoration ranges from busy baroque to minimalist art deco.


    Boxes can be fitted onto rails to be stacked, so although piled high they are not resting on lower boxes. This can reduce pressure and damage to the lower boxes and can increase ease of access.

    Carry Handles

    Handles can be fitted to most types of boxes. They make movement and lifting easier, but are more beneficial on smaller, lighter boxes than larger and heavier boxes which could be difficult to lift high to stack.

    is by far the most common material for stackable storage boxes. It is sturdy and secure to allow for high quality storage and stacking. However, it is prone to cracking, especially if overloaded.

bulk buys OL596-24 Mini Stackable Storage Box, 24 Piece

Our brilliantly inventive stackable storage boxes can be adjusted to suit your needs and be customized to your desire. Made from durable yet lightweight plastic, each tray has a snap tight latch so you can rest assured that your bit and bobs can be stored or moved without falling out or getting damaged. Best of all, you can keep expanding the box by adding additional trays when needed!Amazing 3-tier clear plastic storage box with 30 adjustable compartments
Made from High Quality acrylic plastic
Stacked using secure snap tight latches and is designed for additional trays to be added and connected to each layer.
Measures 31x19x24cm (LxWxH) approximately
Supplied in Kurtzy Branded Packaging