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  • As our kids run through the door to unwind from an exhausting day at school, the backpacks, shoes, and socks love to fly off and land in random spots around the house. Sometimes you can make out a breadcrumb-like trail as they make a beeline to the kitchen for afternoon snacks. There must be a simple solution to backpack storage and organization!

    For a more decorative approach to backpack storage and organization, be sure to take a look at these great ideas. Maybe space is limited so you just want a look that blends with your existing home decor or style.

  • We have versatile products to help get you organized. and are multipurpose storage solutions that are great for any room in your home. Adding is a great way to organize your items because they are visible and easy to access. are great for everyday and seasonal storage because they provide a place to store and organize your items. are great for organizing your book collection, but you can also use them to display knickknacks and photos.

    With the variety of inspirational concepts for backpack storage and organization, it may be difficult to pick just one. Just remember to do what works for you and your family. You don’t have to be Pinterest perfect! As long as your space is functional and effective that’s all that matters.

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  • Storage bins are a great way to take any cluttered space and transform it into an organized and efficient space that separates items and keeps them all easily accessible. You can check out larger storage bins and crates that are great for all purpose storage and organization in most any space, such as kids' play areas, the garage, a basement, or office storage closet. They can also be used to safely corral grocery bags in the back of your vehicle so they don't spill between the store and home. You can also find bin storage racks that make an awesome addition to a workshop or garage because they can easily organize parts and tools in one unit. Stacking bins allow you to better utilize available vertical space for organizing, and you can find bins ideal for holding everything from small parts, to your recyclables between trash days.

    Cleaning up and organizing your home has never been easier! Getting rid of the clutter and putting things in their proper place makes a home look better and will make you feel better as well. At The Home Depot we have a wide variety of storage and organization ideas to get you started and keep the clutter from coming back. While closet storage can seem to be complicated, you can tidy up that closet with a wide variety of wood closet organizers and wire closet organizers that will simplify your life and create an efficient area that is stylish and gives you solutions that will fit your space, and your budget.

    An essential element to keeping your garage organized is to use the vast array of garage storage options that are available to you at The Home Depot. We carry a huge selection of accessories that will help you turn that garage into the ultimate storage area for your tools, and create space that will help to make room for another car. You can also save room when contemplating designs for your out of the house storage needs with outdoor storage shed ideas that will turn your nature-loving space into a relaxing environment that keeps your outdoors clutter free and peaceful.

    Storage totes and baskets are a key element in organizing any area of your home. Whether it be your closet, garage, or an outdoor area, these products are great for organizing and neatly stashing that household clutter while maintaining a low profile and allowing you to store your loose items in a variety of places. So decrease clutter, increase available space, and turn your home into an open and efficient haven with the great solutions that The Home Depot has to offer.

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