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Rubbermaid 1785784 Clear Roughneck Storage Tote Box, 50-Quart, Pack of 5

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  • Shop storage bins and containers for the home and office at The Container Store & enjoy free shipping on all purchases over $75, and free in-store pickup. At The Container Store, we're here with beautiful, practical storage ideas to help you organize it, protect it or stow it away. It begins with a wide selection of storage totes, portable storage bins and caddies designed for instant organization and easy transport. Woven baskets and handsome bins enhance the look of any room while serving as magazine holders, blanket storage or convenient catchalls. We can even help you create storage customized to any area of your home with our modular storage systems, storage baskets, colorful craft storage and stackable crates that you don't have to hide away in a closet.

    It really is a good idea to have storage totes inside your office for multi-tasking and more organized work. The kind of places where these totes are in greatest need of would be offices and companies that handle a lot of shipping. Office documents for example could pretty much make use of these plastic storage holders, and they would really stand as very good ones as well. On the other hand, shipping companies could use these storage carts to pack their packages in so as to protect the items that they are packing and shipping. Since these totes are made out of plastic, they are moisture resistant and they would practically be safe from growing mildew as well. So important items that are made out of precious material or fragile materials such as paper, then they can be shipped in a way that they are also pretty much protected.

  • Organizing all of your stuff is really quite easy when you have these plastic storage totes to help you with. You can just look through the opaque or transparent material of the tote and see what thing you need instead of emptying it all out just to find what you were looking for. And when it comes to colored versions of these totes, you can categorize and organize them better as well.

    A lot of people prefer these storage totes as compared to normal desks and cabinets for organizing their things because of how convenient everything is once it is organized. Whatever kind of tote may be used, it could really serve as a really nice way to save space inside your home as well. These stuf can even be bought by set so as to stack them neatly with each other without having to worry that they could be knocked down as easily. Organizing all your things can never be this fun and could never be this easy too because they are not only neat and convenient, they are also colorful!

    Check out plastic storage containers and plastic boxes that provide the most practical option for safe, convenient and efficient storage. We offer an array of plastic storage bins including clear plastic boxes, under the bed storage bins, clear plastic storage totes, plastic clothing and shoe boxes, and much more. All these products are made in the USA and feature acid-free construction that is safe for most any storage application. A number of our plastic storage totes are also stackable, including the Iris Stor-It-All 50 Quart Clear Plastic Storage Box pictured here.

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  • Bulk storage totes are can be used in a variety of ways. These bulk plastic storage containers are very durable and can withstand heavy use, along with other outside elements. They are great for storing large items or large quantities of items and even liquids. Bulk storage totes are space efficient and can be stacked, helping you to organize in the most efficient way possible. There are a variety of shapes and sizes of bulk plastic storage containers, ensuring that you will find the best bulk storage tote for your needs. Save by buying plastic containers bulk.

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Rubbermaid’s ActionPacker storage boxes are their toughest and most durable plastic cargo bins. ActionPackers are more rigid than most ordinary storage totes, and are weather resistant as well. These bins are also lockable.