Straight Talk SIM does not work with the $30 All You Need Plan.

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  • I have been with straight talk for a while I haven’t any problems until recently. I bought an LG phone it factory reset on it own. I was upset but then it happened 2 weeks later than again the next week. I called straight talk. The phone hung up in the middle of the call. I call back was on the phone for an hour. I was told they would send a box and I was to return the phone then they would send me another. Waited a week called back I was told they sent it to the wrong address stayed on the phone 35 minutes that was 3 weeks ago never got the box. I am very unhappy.

    Besides exceptionaly long hold times; i spent two hours trying to refill my phone the other day via first my app on my phone, then computer, then finally was able to connect to a live person. Then to only find out they took 4 payments out instead of one. Then after another 30 minute hold to be told that yes they can see where 4 payments went out but 3 went to another phone. I have no other phone have never had a straight talk phone before. Since i couldnt verify this nonexistant phone, i was told to file a dispute with my bank. They couldnt help me but sure would keep three extra payments from my bank account. I cant verify a phone i dont and have never had.

  • i been with straight talk for a while. like the phone but would like to be able to buy a card for 500 minutes no text because i don’t text for 10 dollar’s.

    I first purchased my first Straight Talk Phone (a Samsung) four years ago and I had no problem whatsoever with their service for years. Then my phone died and I replaced it with a Motorola two months ago and lost 4 days of service credit switching my phone over (in addition to several starts and restarts and it worked “okay”. I lost that phone in traffic last Friday and had to buy a new LG Sunrise. I have 13 days of service remaining and at current I have no Phone service. How can I call them when I have no other phone and I am y myself??? I am turning these reports over to the Michigan Attorney general–I had no idea so many people have been treated so poorly by this company…I am also contacting Walmart for whatever good it will do me…

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    Sunday 12 February 2006 - 08:20:38
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    I went to Walmart to purchase a phone and straight talk seemed to be the best deal; boy was I wrong, I bought the kit, and paid a total of $64.67, called to see if the phone would match and Kevin assured me it would work, tried and registered so I thought and the phone wouldn’t work, called back they informed me the phone was NEVER registered, I did this process, 4 TIMES, and then finally spoke to a David and he stated, I needed a new sim card, waited 3 days and when that sym card arrived, that sim card did not work spoke to 2 more managers SO THEY STATED, they sent another sim card out, waited another 4 days and it did not work, I asked for a refund, and they stated I bought the kit from Walmart, and they do not give refunds, and I said excuse me the person on the other end of phone stated very rudely YOU HEARD ME, I am out of 64.67 because when the first sim card that came with the kit I originally bought from Walmart was thrown away, because I asked what to do with the sim card, Kevin stated the card was no good so I could get rid of it.
    I am very VERY upset with this whole situation, BBB will be informed

Straight Talk SIM does not work with the $30 All You Need Plan.

after trying to bring a phone from a differant company and them at straight talk not being able to make it work they deactivated the phone that was on my account for over a year and took the three weeks of service that was on the phone and said that the phone was not able to be used on straight talk . so i had a phone that worked and now they stolen my phone time and made the phone i had not work and then they blame me .i will be calling some attorneys today to see what i should do this is not what we do to our customers where i work and if i did i would not have a job long i hope someone at this company will help fix this as thats all i want is my phone wiorking