Super Wal-Mart had opened in . I also read

I Found My Gal At The Super Wal-Mart Store Bj Dowdy

Small Towns and Big Business: Challenging Wal-Mart Superstores

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  • As regards the internal equipment of the "Super Wal," this is very comfortable for the 19 passengers, the portholes being large and giving a reasonably well-lighted cabin. The actual cabin space is divided into two separate saloons by a smaller compartment, seating accommodation being provided for 11 passengers in the forward saloon and for eight in the aft saloon. The "Super Wal" is very fully provided with navigation and wireless equipment, and the hull contains, in addition to the two saloons, goods and luggage compartments, as well as a wireless and navigator's cabin. The pilots' cockpit is ahead of the wing, and has a "coach roof" over it for the protection of the occupants. The normal quantity of petrol carried is 3,800 litres (836 gallons), and the oil 300"litres (66 gallons).

    The main dimensions and weights of the "Super Wal” are as follows :- Length overall, 24-6 m. (80-6 ft.); wing span, 28-6 m. (93-8 ft.); wing area, 143-8 sq. m. (1,547 sq. ft.) Weight empty, 7,800 kg. (17,150 lb.); normal loaded weight, 12,600 kg. (27,700 lb.); wing loading, 17-9 lb./sq. ft; power loading (on 2,000 h.p.), 13-88 lb./h.p.; maximum speed, 220 km. h. (136-5 m.p.h.); cruising speed, 180 km./h. (112 m.p.h.).

  • The "Super Wal" is a four-engined monoplane flying-boat, with the engines arranged in tandem pairs on top of the wing. Metal construction is employed throughout, even to the wing covering. In the machine exhibited the engines are Gnome-Rhone "Jupiters," but the type has also been produced and flown with great success fitted with four Napier "Lions."

    Are you certain that the Wal Mart in is a Super Wal Mart? I don't believe so. The first Super Wal Mart in Alaska just opened last fall in so I would be surprised if the Wasilla one is already a Super Wal Mart - just wondering where you got that info.

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  • I haven't been to a super WalMart yet, but not many grocery stores can beat Fred Meyer for their great produce section. Just depends on what you are looking for - many of us stock up at places like Costco/Sam's, and then hit Fred's or Safeway for the other stuff. Everyone has their favorites, but I do think Fred's is cheaper than Safeway.

Super Wal-Mart Grand Opening!!!

trust me - I have to be in just the right mood to walk into a Walmart anyhow . . . I don't think the new Super Walmart coming to is going to see me very much! :)