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  • Once we learned about the Round Table Puzzle concept, we were instantly hooked. I believe we have assembled all of them now, at least all the ones on Amazon. We have the 500-piece ones for the teens and adults and the 50-piece ones for the kids. The main reason we switched exclusively to the Round Table Puzzles is that everyone can work on the puzzle at the same time and have a proper view of the image.

    Standard jigsaw puzzles only allow one person to have the best seat at the bottom of the image. Pretty elitist, don't you think? Round Table Puzzles create an equal playing field for all. And oh yeah, the images are pretty spectacular too. Can't wait for more releases.

  • Jigboards/Jigsorts and our jigsaw puzzle tables are made to go together and we advise against trying to use the table for puzzles unless you have a Jigboard/Jigsort. Remember that every Jigsort comes complete with a Jigboard. Our puzzle table can be used in conjunction with any of our Jigboards from 500 pieces (Jigboard 500) to 2,000 pieces (Jigboard 2000). Please note that if you use the table with either of the larger boards (Jigboard 1500 or Jigboard 2000) and you have short arms then you might have to stretch to reach the top of the board!

    You are looking at Zazzle's Periodic Table puzzles section, where you'll find a huge variety of 110- and 252-piece Periodic Table puzzle designs that are ready to be customized or puchased as is. Made for hours of fun, Zazzle's 8" x 10" and 11" x 14" puzzles are printable in full color, and you can even add your own photos or text for free. To see other related designs, visit our main area.

  • Portable Puzzle Board-DIY just made this in 5 min. Get a scrap piece of 1/2 in board @ Lowes...they could cut it down to about 23X30...wrap decorative duct tape around edges and screw a couple handles onto the short sides and Work on a PUZZLE anywhere. -Problem solved for $4.00:-)

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Visually appealing and educational—students will be captivated by this periodic table puzzle! Each element is represented by a large, close-up photo of the element itself. For extra challenges students can construct the puzzle without being allowed to look at a periodic table or they can determine the history or use of an element. Puzzle has 1000 pieces and is 34” x 16” when assembled.