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Gerber Little Boys' 2 Pack Blanket Sleepers, Sport, 3T

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  • Of course, everyone wants their little baby to sleep tight and stay warm and snuggly at night, and a blanket sleeper certainly helps to make your infant feel cozy. The infant and toddlers blanket sleepers from Crazy for Bargains are some of the most popular pajamas on our website. It�s easy to see why, with cute and current baby sleeper styles in footed jammies made to keep baby warm from neck to those little toes.

    Made by designers such as St. Eve Boys brand, we offer fleece toddler blanket sleepers in the softest colors to match the softest fabrics. Our Khaki Polar Bear footed pajamas for infant and toddler boys are a pale khaki color. The print includes igloos, North Pole signs and the sweetest polar bears drinking cocoa! It zips up the front and is made of polyester fleece. What could be more fun than Cat in the Hat toddler sleepers at bedtime? Trimmed in a bright red at collar and cuffs, a red Mr. Cat in the Hat print adorns this yummy fabric.

  • Browse our huge selection of baby sleepers and infant sleepwear in many different colors and sizes to fit most infant or toddler boys and girls. Toddlers blanket sleepers and infant blanket sleepers range in sizes from 12 months and up. They are perfect for baby girls and boys that are just discovering their world. As a matter of fact, this is just about the age where babies start taking an interest in cartoons. You�ll find high quality blanket sleepers like Buzz Light Year, Superman for infant and toddler boys, or the ever-popular Disney sleeper pajamas for toddler and baby girls.

    Anytime you can accommodate your children with comfortable baby and toddler pajamas, you will feel like a great parent or grandparent knowing your precious children will sleep comfortably. Plus, knowing that your kids will love to wear the fun colors and fun pajamas might make bedtime more appealing. Take a closer look at our selection of infant and toddler blanket sleepers, also known by some as �pajamas with feet�. No matter what you like to call them, you�ll call our blanket sleepers a great deal only at Crazy for Bargains! Your child will love you for it!

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    Make sure your baby girl gets a good night of rest with this Baby Toddler Girl Character Blanket Sleeper. This footed outfit has a zip closure front with fitted long sleeves. This cozy toddler blanket sleeper is made of 100 percent polyester and comes with an assorted range of graphics printed on the front. Since your baby's little feet will be fully covered, you can rest assured they can be safe and warm throughout the night. This sleeper is a comfortable and warm addition to your child's night clothes.

Oakland Raiders Toddler Printed Blanket Sleeper - Black

I chose the Gerber Toddler Boy Blanket Sleeper 2 piece set for my toddler grandson. There are times when our daughter has been over and we have said to just let our grandson stay the night but because it was unplanned no pajamas had been packed. I thought it would be good to have some pajamas at the house. My overall impression of the Gerber blanket sleeper is that they are very nice. They are made of 100% polyester and I found them very soft and comfortable to the touch. The designs are very cute as well. The zipper was super easy to open and close a I liked that the zipper didn't go all the way down to the foot but rather stopped mid calf, which made them a little easier to get on. There was less of a chance of one foot falling out while you trying to get the other foot in. The feature that impressed me the most was the footed bottom. The inside of each foot is made of almost the same soft material the sleeper itself is made of and the outside of the foot is made of a textured material to prevent slipping while still being soft itself. This is a far cry from the sleep of my day when the entire foot of the sleeper was make of a plastic like material. I ordered a 3 toddler and found that it ran true to size and I have washed both sleepers and they washed fantastic with no shrinking. The material of the sleeper seemed thick enough to keep a little one warm through the night even in the event a blanket slipped off. I would definitely recommend this product to others.