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How to Hook Up A DTV Conversion Box

Arrowmounts AM-201C VESA Conversion Plate for Wall Mounts to extend to 200 x 200 mm AM-201C/13-32

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  • As with all PC to TV conversions, the image quality is not quite that of straight VGA pass-through. We have a very comprehensive where we compare the PC to TV conversion with straight VGA. The PC to TV converter works well for picures and videos, for small text and fine detail we recommend the converter which is optimized to work with HDTVs.

    According to this CNN article, it appears that the digital TV conversion has been delayed until June 12, 2009. Check out my Blog entries on this topic, especially the installation of a converter box on a very old TV (with

  • As always Dave and LJ’s always carries the latest styles of RV Furniture such as Recliners, Wall Huggers, Free Standing and other RV Seating to enjoy your new RV TV Conversion/TV Replacement.

    Digital TV Conversion
    Per federal law, all "full-power" TV stations have ceased broadcasting in analog and now broadcast only in digital. Virtually all TV stations are full-power.

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