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C2G 54171 USB 3.0 A Male to A Male Cable 6.5 Feet (2 Meters) - Black

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  • The solitary Micro USB port allows you to plug it in, and there’s a Micro USB to USB cable provided, but no AC adapter, so you’ll need to use your phone’s wall charger or another one you have spare. If you’re using this on the nightstand then the light might bug you–it’s fairly big and bright.

    The USBPAUB2MW 2m White USB to Micro USB Cable features thin USB connector moldings and provides a simpler connection between your Micro USB 2.0 mobile devices (smartphones, digital cameras, Tablet PC devices, portable hard drives, etc.) and your PC or Mac® computer, for everyday tasks such as charging, data synchronization or file transfers.

  • You can actually charge three devices at once with the Ghost 220. It features a sleek, matte, black plastic design, with an angled front that overhangs two long blue LEDs, to give a clear indication of charging status. There are two Qi symbols up top to mark the spots for placing devices on a sizable pad, with plenty of room for two smartphones, or even a small tablet and a phone. The universal power supply plugs into the back, where you’ll also find a standard USB port with a 2.4A output. The pad will output 1A, and that’s split between the devices if you place two on at once. You can charge a third device at the same time with a USB to Micro USB cable. It will charge at a speedy 2.4A, and is capable of a total output of 3.4A.

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  • Pi Connector Suggested Cable Description
    3.5mm Jack
    A 3.5mm jack plug to 3.5mm jack plug cable would allow you to connect the Pi’s audio output to a device with a 3.5mm socket.
    A 3.5mm jack plug to phono connector cable would allow you to connect the Pi’s audio outout to a device with red/white audio phono inputs such as a TV, HiFi or SCART adapter.
    5v MicroUSB
    A USB to MicroUSB cable could be used to power the Pi from another computer’s USB port … but it may not be able to supply enough power.
    Mobile phone chargers can be used to power the Pi if they have the MicroUSB plug. Check they are 5V and can supply 1A (1000mA).
    Composite Video A phono to phono (RCA to RCA) cable can be used to connect the composite output to a composite input (yellow) on a display or a SCART adapter.
    HDMI A HDMI to HDMI cable allows to connect the Pi to a TV or monitor with an HDMI input. This is the preferred method for outputting video as it gives you the highest quality.
    A HDMI to DVI cable allows you to connect the Pi to a TV or flat panel monitor with a DVI input.
    USB The Pi’s USB ports can be used to connect a huge range of USB peripheral. If you want to attach more devices than the Pi has ports you can attach a USB hub. The Pi can only supply a limited amount of power to attached devices so a powered hub is a good idea.

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