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Sun Dolphin Journey Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak (Sand, 12-Feet)

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  • Looking for your first kayak? Or perhaps your second or third fishing kayak as it often goes? We created this short list of places that have sales for kayaks, some new kayaks and some used kayaks so you can do some comparison shopping when looking for your kayak. Used kayaks can be purchased for a portion of a new kayaks, depending on popularity of the kayak model. The more popular the model of kayak, the more money it will generally bring when someone goes to sell it.

    When you are serious about looking at the kayaks for sale, and buying one, I have one piece of advice for the money end of things. And that is unless the person selling it is a friend of yours, or a friend of a friend, have the cash that you expect to spend "In hand". When some one else is looking at the kayaks for sale like you are, they are also looking for the best deal they can find. When you see a kayak for sale, you should be able to contact that person with cash in hand and tell them you have the cash, and ask when you could look at the kayak in question. Out here in Southern California, within the kayak fishing community, and good deal on a kayak for sale lasts a day or two once it hits the message boards. And the saying is "Cash Talks" speaks volumes out here.

    If you're fortunate to live in Southern California, visit one of the a complete line of new and used fishing kayaks from Malibu Kayaks, Hobie and Ocean Kayaks. OEX has been in business for 10+ years. They have kept pace with the growth of kayak fishing. OEX carries a vast selection of kayak fishing accessories and they have expert installers in each store to fully rig up your kayak to your custom requirements. They have an on-line store at .

    And whether you're looking for a backup kayak or you're thinking of branching out into a new kayaking arena, you'll appreciate the diversity of forms our used inventory encompasses. Used sea kayaks, used whitewater kayaks, used fishing kayaks, sit-on-tops and sit-ins--all sorts of awesome crafts pass through our secondhand warehouse.

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