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Copper supplements are used to prevent or treat copper deficiency.

Swanson Copper 2 mg 300 Tabs

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  • This well-known spice consists of great variety of minerals and vitamins including copper, manganese, selenium, allicin, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and sulfuric compounds. All these are great at boosting your immunity and improving the ability of your body to protect from cancer. It can also lower the growth of the tumor.

    Truly, if you eat a balanced diet, you do not need a vitamin supplement. If your diet is poor or you have absorption problems like post gastric bypass, for instance, one must take supplements because the diet is insufficiently absorbed to get enough nutrients. Some people like to take a vitamin "to cover the bases" as most Vitamins, especially water soluble ones, what is not used is released in urine so you are just making "expensive pee" if you are not deficient. It really depends on your diet. If you are eating from all the recommended food groups, it is likely you get what you need from your diet. The trace elements in most multivitamins like copper at 2mg is well below the advice of not getting more than 10mg of copper per day. I'm not a big fan of Dr Oz. I think he tends to be "faddish" on a lot of matters. Every week he is touting some new wonder supplement following most current fads like Green Coffee and Garcinia Cambogia etc.

  • a Dr Oz talk about vitamins stated copper in a multi-vitamin is not good for your health. I take a naturemade multi for men which contains 2mg of copper
    and want to know if it is safe.

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